Shocking Audio Tape Might Explain Why Johnny Depp Refuses To Look At Amber Heard In Court

Screenshot/YouTube/Law and Crime Channel

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Johnny Depp’s Attorney Camille Vasquez presented an audio tape to court Monday that may explain why Depp refuses to make eye contact with Amber Heard.

Heard alleges Depp isn’t able to look at her because he’s ‘guilty,’ but the recording of their conversation in this tape offers a very different perspective. The audio tape, posted to Twitter, revealed a heated argument between Depp and Heard, in which Depp firmly tells Heard, “You will not see my eyes again.”

Vasquez noted that the audio tape was recorded after Heard had gotten a temporary restraining order against Depp, and proceeded to play the tape, as seen in a YouTube video posted by Law and Crime Channel.

The tape revealed Heard begging Depp to let her hug him, to which he replied, “Really? After all the shit you f*cking accused me of, you wanna touch me?”

Heard then proceeded to plead with him, and Depp declared, “You’re f*cking nuts.”

“Please, I just wanted to hug you and say bye, I didn’t want it to end bad,” Heard said. (RELATED: Speculation Swirls Around Late Night Meet-Up Between Amber Heard, James Franco Caught On Cam)

Depp wasn’t having it, and refused to engage in Heard’s efforts to be consoled.

“We did that last time, that was fine, that was good enough, ” he said. Heard sought reassurance that they would see one another soon, and Depp proceeded to clarify his position on the matter. “No, we’ll never see each other again,” Depp said.

Depp’s next statement suggested Heard attempted to remove his sunglasses from his face, which was not a welcome gesture.

“Don’t take my f*cking glasses off,” he said firmly. Depp could then be heard stating information that could very well explain his unwillingness to look at Heard in court.

“You don’t like f*cking looking at not my f*cking eyes? You will not see my eyes again,” Depp said.

The tape spoke for itself, but Heard continued to deny the reasoning, and insisted Depp couldn’t look at her out of guilt. She went on to allege that he had in fact looked her in the eye several times after that conversation.

When prompted by Vasquez to confirm that Depp has refused to look her in the eye, Heard stuck to her version and said “he can’t,” according to the video posted to YouTube.