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Jon Lee on Why Everyone Must Jump into Crypto

DN News Desk Contributor
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Cryptocurrencies continue to dominate headlines as countless people worldwide remain curious about the future of digital assets. In addition, many wonder how crypto fits into an ever-changing and dynamic global economic environment and if coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum have a place in investment portfolios. With extensive first-hand insight as a well-known longtime blockchain and crypto investor, Jon Lee argues the time is now to dive into crypto.

The cryptocurrency world only grows larger as more express interest in digital assets. Research suggests more than 300 million people across the globe own cryptocurrency, with more than 18,000 businesses choosing to accept the virtual currency. A Pew Research Center survey from November 2021 reveals nearly 9/10 Americans have heard at least a little about cryptocurrencies. “Digital assets are impossible to ignore and continue to gain steam as viable new financial products and innovations in the worldwide economic landscape,” says Jon Lee. Although on the macro level, it’s always smart to diversify and try out new financial products; however, investors must tread the crypto market carefully as it is yet to move independently and follows risk assets, adds Jon.

As the co-founder of early-stage crypto investment company BXV.co, Jon understands the importance of participating in the cryptocurrency world and tailors the investment strategies of Boost X Ventures to focus on innovative companies in the space.

Focusing on the distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain, and cryptocurrency ecosystems, the investment portfolio of Boost X Ventures includes the Layer-1 Harmony blockchain network and the security-focused Certik blockchain ranking platform. Business partners include legacy giants like Amazon and HTC alongside crypto-focused companies like Bitcoin.com and Binance. Overall, Jon Lee believes crypto and blockchain businesses are at the forefront of accelerating massive changes within global finance, technology, and economics and represent a pivotal investment opportunity.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies only continues to rise. Many understand digital assets and blockchain technology have a strong future and will only continue to spur innovation across multiple industries. With an extensive track record of investments in notable crypto and blockchain companies, Lee demonstrates the importance of taking an active role within the crypto world as the future looks ‘bullish’ for virtual coins.