REPORT: Woman Gives Birth To Third Set Of Twins In Two Years


Kevin Harness Contributor
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A Louisiana mother reportedly gave birth in early May to her third set of twins within 2 years.

Courtney Spears gave birth to the newest members of her family, Eva and Camryn, which makes 7 children, including two other sets of twins born in 2020 and 2021, along with an older sister, who is five years old, WAFB9 reported. (RELATED: Three Cousins Create Special Bond Learning They’re All Pregnant With Twins)

“It’s fun, it’s tiring, of course, having one kid is tiring but it’s fun,” said Spears, according to WAFB 9. “They make us laugh. Just seeing the different things they do every day, every day it’s something new. They make us laugh a lot.”

A mother pregnant with twins or multiple children is considered a high risk because it could potentially increase the chances of birth defects for the children and the mother is also at risk for complications such as high blood pressure, according to KPLC7.

“As that pregnancy grows, your body doesn’t necessarily know that you’ve got two versus one so that puts you at increased risk for other things to happen like preterm labor, preterm delivery, other things such as diabetes in pregnancy or high blood pressure in pregnancy and preeclampsia,” Dr. Pamela Simmons said, according to the outlet.

Spears decided to go under a tubal ligation procedure, which is supposed to prevent someone from getting pregnant again. However, she discovered a few weeks later that she was pregnant with the third set of twins, which went undetected during the surgery, KPLC7 reported.

“They were meant to be here,” Spears said.

It is estimated that roughly one in 250 natural pregnancies will result in twins.