This Former Model Looks Fantastic Despite Walking Headfirst Into An Airplane Propeller


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy lost an eye and a hand after accidentally walking into the propeller of a small plane in 2011, but she looks incredible after her remarkable transformation.

The entertainment personality and model made the headlines in 2011 when a trip in a small plane to see the Christmas lights in Dallas took a very tragic turn, according to ABC News. Kennedy walked toward the aircraft to thank her friend that had piloted the airplane, and accidentally walked into the spinning propeller. Her gruesome injuries resulted in the removal of her left eye, including the nerves, the total loss of her left hand, and a brain injury, according to Today.

Kennedy has persevered, and recent photographs posted to her social media page show her stunning transformation, and reveal that she has become a mom since the tragedy.

Kennedy endured a number of surgeries, suffered tremendous pain and had to make dramatic changes to her lifestyle, but she has managed to come out on top. It’s hard to tell that the gorgeous woman in the photographs went through this traumatizing experience.

Kennedy regularly posts photographs of her life on social media and has spoken publicly about her traumatic incident, and her long, difficult journey towards recovery. (RELATED: NFL Player Tarik Cohen Suffers Serious Achilles Injury While Working Out In Viral Video)

“I think that pain, it makes you such a deeper person in your character and in your compassion for other people, and even for what truly matters in life,” Kennedy told Modern Hero.

Kennedy has continued to model and has even found the strength to battle through the long-lasting effects of her injuries to become a mom. She has also become a New York Times best selling author, and has put her efforts into helping others heal through their trauma, according to Modern Hero.