Former Delta Force Operators Say America Could ‘F**king Annihilate’ The Drug Cartels If We Wanted To

Delta Force, Drug Cartels (Credit: David Hookstead, Bob Keller and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)/Handout via REUTERS)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like America absolutely has the means to destroy the world’s worst drug cartels.

During my interview with Bob Keller, Nate Dudley and Brian Gilligan, I asked whether or not America has the means to decapitate the cartels. While they made it clear we do, there might be an easier solution.

“You could just build a wall and have good border security. That’s the least efficient way [my suggestion] to tackle the fentanyl problem. The easiest way is to build a wall, beef up border security — I don’t know — throw the national guard down there and stop it from coming over,” Dudley responded when talking about my question.

As for whether or not we have the means, Gilligan made it clear we do and told me, “We could f**king annihilate them if they used the proper forces to go do it. Yep, absolutely.” You can watch their full thoughts below.

Do we build the wall or just use the military to eliminate them from the world? It sounds like both are viable options, but the efficiency is where things seem to be up for debate.

Personally, I appreciate all their points of view, but it was entertaining hearing Gilligan not hold back at all about how we could “f**king annihilate” the cartels if the military was committed to it.


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