Democrats Branded As ‘Weak,’ Republicans As ‘Extreme’ In CBS News Poll

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Democrats were branded as “weak” by Americans in the latest CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday.

Despite controlling Congress and the White House, a majority of respondents to the poll said that the Democratic Party is not “effective” or “in touch” in the lead up to the 2022 midterm elections. Fifty-one percent of respondents also described Democrats as “weak,” CBS continued.

The March 18-20, 2022, poll used a sample of 2,041 adults in the United States and had a margin of error of ±2.5%.

Democratic voters want candidates who focus on dealing with inflation, taxing the wealthy and talking about racial justice, CBS reported. Protecting abortion rights was also a key focus for Democrat voters, the outlet noted.

Fifty-four percent of respondents said that they would use the word “extreme” to describe the Republican Party, and Republican voters want their candidates to talk about traditional values (86%), stopping illegal immigration (89%) and also dealing with inflation (90%), CBS reported.

Republicans were seen as marginally (51%) more trustworthy when it came to handling the economy and inflation, CBS continued. (RELATED: Pelosi Gives Bizarre, Borderline Incoherent Response To Roe V. Wade Question, Calls SCOTUS Leak ‘Fake’ Opinion)

Only 26% of respondents felt that, generally speaking, things in America are going somewhat or very well right now. Fifty-six percent state that they disapprove of the way that President Joe Biden is handling his job in the White House, the outlet continued. More than half of all respondents disapproved of Biden handling the economy, inflation, the Russian-Ukrainian situation, immigration, crime, abortion, gun policy and race relations.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents felt that Biden was best described as distracted, and 51% said that he is incompetent. Biden was seen as “slow to react” by 65% of respondents. A majority also said they feel “uneasy” (63%) about the state of the US.

An NBC News poll released in May found that the Democratic Party had the lowest net favorability rating when compared to a range of other political figures and institutions. Fifty-one percent of respondents to the poll said they held “negative feelings” toward the Democrats.