Former Delta Force Operators Reveal If The Unit Is More Elite Than SEAL Team 6

Delta Force (Credit: Bob Keller and Daily Caller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Delta Force operators have pretty blunt thoughts on whether or not their unit is better than SEAL Team 6.

During my interview with former Delta Force commandos Bob Keller, Brian Gilligan and Nate Dudley, we talked about the famous Delta Force vs. ST6 debate, and they’re confident The Unit is more elite.

“Delta Force is definitely better, and the reason I know is because I don’t know a single guy that has left The Unit to go to SEAL Team 6, but I know of guys leaving ST6 to come to the Unit,” Dudley explained when talking about the topic.

Gilligan added, “I’m going to say I’m better, but I’m sure they’ll say they’re better and that’s what you should do.” You can watch their full comments below.

For those of you who don’t know, asking about the ST6 vs. Delta Force debate is one of my favorite questions to ask when doing interviews. Always figure out a way to stir the pot!

Having said that, these guys all gave great answers and kept it professional, which is what I have learned to expect when asking the question.

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