Loyola Schools Teacher Allegedly Bragged About Wearing Women’s Underwear To School, Coming Out To Students

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Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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An LGBT-identifying male teacher allegedly boasted about wearing women’s undergarments to work and coming out to high school students at a private Jesuit school, according to posts shared with the Daily Caller from an individual who infiltrated an LGBT professionals Facebook page.

Loyola School of New York City teacher Matt Windels appears to have posted to a Facebook group for LGBT professionals bragging about feeling his “best teacher self” for wearing women’s underwear “on a work day.” He reportedly said that he planned to come out as non-binary and bisexual to high school students, according to screenshotted posts from a private Facebook group shared with the Caller.

“So this is me feeling my best teacher self because I’m wearing panties on a work day for the first time ever and I feel so good,” Windels said in one of the screenshotted posts. (RELATED: Maryland Elementary School Invites Kids To Pledge Allegiance To Pride Flag)

“I signed up to lead an affinity group for LGBTQIA+ students at my school a while back. The first meeting is this afternoon, and I’m going to be coming out to a bunch of high schoolers and bi and [non-binary]. I’m a bit nervous. Good vibes/encouragement are needed and welcome,” the teacher allegedly said in a separate post.

Windels is an English and Spanish teacher and academic adviser at Loyola School, according to his now-deleted LinkedIn profile. He began working at the school in March of 2015. Windels posted an article online discussing his Christian religious beliefs and divulging that he was born with cerebral palsy.

The teacher deleted his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles after his posts were publicized.

Loyola School repeatedly told the Daily Caller they have no comment and no plans to issue a statement on the issue. Windels did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

James Lindsay, an author and podcaster who discusses woke education issues, told the Daily Caller that he believes the most problematic aspect of Windels’ posts is his role in facilitating an affinity group. He claims that the “objective” of leading an affinity group is to bring up a subject and then facilitate discussions about the issue that “bend toward the facilitator’s framing and reframing” — a core tenet of Marxist teaching.

Lindsay said that entire subjects such as math and English, not just affinity groups, are being “hijacked” by educators using the model from Marxist educator Paulo Freier.

“[Freier’s] work is at the dead center of all colleges of education now and what they teach,” Lindsay said.

The Freirean model is a “democratic” approach to education wherein educators and learners “engage in dialogue as equals.” Lindsay argues that labeling this activity as “grooming” is acceptable as adults and children “are not equals, and they definitely shouldn’t be engaging in talks about sex and sexuality as equals.”