‘I Was Just 16 When You Took My Virginity On Your Office Floor’: Woman Confronts Pastor After He Admits To ‘Adultery’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Church pastor told his congregation Sunday that he had committed “adultery” roughly 20 years ago. A woman then immediately confronted him, as he admitted he victimized her when she was a teenager.

Pastor John Lowe II told the congregation at New Life Christian Church and World Outreach in Warsaw, Indiana, that he had “an announcement … call it a confession” in a video posted on Facebook. He explained that he had an “affair” and “sinned.”

“It was nearly 20 years ago. It continued for far too long. It involved one person and there’s been no other. I have no defense … I sinned. I need to say that and you deserve to hear it,” Lowe continued. Following the confession, Lowe’s congregation gave him a standing ovation. One member of the church stepped on stage a few seconds later and told the congregation, “if you love us, please let us talk,” before handing the microphone to a woman standing next to him, who revealed alleged details of the pastor’s affair.

“For 27 years, I lived in a prison, it was not 20 years. I lived in a prison of lies and shame, lying to protect the Lowe family,” she told the church. The woman said that her brother approached her two weeks before she stepped on the stage that Sunday, saying that he had seen her 27 years ago in bed with the pastor. She also noted that she’d suffered from suicidal thoughts for years, blaming herself for the affair.

“People knew but they were too afraid to come forward,” she continued. “I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor. Do you remember that? I know you do and I have plenty of other stories that I could bring to remembrance.” (RELATED: Cole Sprouse Calls Out Disney For How Young Female Stars Were ‘Heavily Sexualized’)

“You did things to my teenage body that had never and should have never have been done.”

The woman then said she tried to talk to someone, but all that happened was a “cover up.” Someone then approaches the woman and said something inaudible on the recording, to which she replied, “Michael, your dad is not the victim here. A partial truth is not true.”

He then attempted to cut her off again, to which she said, “If I would have gotten counseling your dad would be in prison.” She then turns to Lowe and describes how two other young girls were allegedly molested by a Church member and that member was sent to work at another Church as they covered up his behavior.

The woman’s husband then took the microphone and said that the sexual exploitation by Lowe against his wife lasted for nine years after it started when she was 15 or 16. He said that his wife was wearing a purity ring when she was sexually assaulted by her pastor, which he threw on the floor in front of the congregation.

Some members of the congregation then yelled, “if you did it, you need to admit it!” to Lowe, which he did, saying he “can’t make it better … it’s just the way it is.” A small group then got up on stage and encircled the pastor in prayer and hugged him.


Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that there is a pending investigation into the matter, but no further information was provided, WANE 15 reported. Lowe said in the video that he would be stepping down from his role.