‘They’ll Never See Their Kids Again’: Fox News Host Breaks Down Over Shooting

[Screenshot/Fox News]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt choked up on air Wednesday while discussing the Texas elementary school shooting, lamenting the political division in the nation and questioning whether everyone bears some responsibility.

“I’m just sitting here thinking, you know, you hear the phrase in church, Lawrence, we all are involved in our churches, that we all put Jesus on the cross. It wasn’t just one group. We were all guilty in that, because he had to die on the cross for our sins,” Earhardt said. “And I think about, is this all of our faults? I mean, as a country, we’re so divided.”

“You hate someone else because they vote a different way than you do?” she said.

Earhardt then began to choke up as she questioned how someone could carry out such a horrific attack.

“What makes these individuals do this, to pick up a gun and go in and kill our children? Why do we now have to worry about that?” (RELATED: ‘He’s In The School!’: Texas Shooting Witness Details How Suspect Crashed Truck Before Running Into Elementary School)

“And you think about what these parents are going through, and they’ll never see their kids again, you know? And even if they have three kids, it doesn’t replace the one that they lost. But what about the mom who has one child, and she will never be a grandmother because this man went into these schools and did this?” she said.

Eighteen-year-old suspect Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday after reportedly shooting his grandmother and crashing his truck in a ditch. Authorities said he entered the school with a handgun and a rifle and barricaded himself in a classroom, CNN reported. Ramos then opened fire, killing at least 19 students and two teachers. Several other students were injured.