‘I’m Pretty Sure I’d Be Dead’: Johnny Depp Slams Amber Heard’s MDMA-Popping Accusations

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of taking as many as 8-10 MDMA pills at once, and he took the stand Wednesday with a blunt response, saying he wouldn’t have survived if those allegations were true.

Heard has alleged that Depp consumed as many as 8-10 MDMA pills during a night that turned violent in Australia in 2015, but Depp fired back at her to say not only was that not true, it was also not possible, according to TMZ. When his attorney asked Depp if there was any truth behind that allegation, he had one simple thing to say. “No, I’m pretty sure I’d be dead, I think one would die, rather quickly,” Depp said in the courtroom video.

“Mr. Depp, do you recall Ms. Heard testifying that she saw you consuming 8-10 MDMA pills at once while you were in Australia in March of 2015,? asked his lawyer, in the court video tapes uploaded by TMZ. Depp responded affirming he had heard the allegations made against him.

It was clear that he and Heard had very different recollections about how much MDMA he had consumed during the evening in question, and Depp stated he hadn’t consumed that much MDMA over the span of his entire life. “I would say in my lifetime… MDMA…pfff..6, 7, maybe,” Depp said. (RELATED: Courtney Love Retracts Her Support For Johnny Depp)

He was questioned further. “And how much MDMA have you don pm those occasions?” his lawyer asked. “Not enough to um, not enough to properly experience the what the, um, chemicals are supposed to do to you,” Depp said.

Depp was asked directly if he had ever consumed 8-10 MDMA pills at once. He chuckled and said “No, no I have not,” and proceeded to declare he wouldn’t have survived if he had taken that dose.

Heard’s legal team has called him back to the stand for more cross-examination. The $50 million defamation suit continues to develop.