‘I’m Going To Shoot An Elementary School’: Suspected Shooter Gave 15 Minute Warning, Abbott Says

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday during a press briefing that the suspected Texas elementary school shooter warned about his plans on Facebook just prior to the shooting.

Speaking during the briefing, Abbott said 18-year-old Salvador Ramos first posted to Facebook roughly 30 minutes before going to Robb Elementary School that “I’m going to shoot my grandmother.”

Ramos then posted “I shot my grandmother” and then just 15 minutes before the shooting he posted “I’m going to shoot an elementary school,” according to Abbott.

Abbott said Ramos used one weapon, the AR-15, using .223 rounds. (RELATED: ‘He’s In The School!’: Texas Shooting Witness Details How Suspect Crashed Truck Before Running Into Elementary School)

Ramos allegedly entered Robb Elementary School on Tuesday after shooting his grandmother and crashing his truck in a ditch. Authorities say Ramos entered the school before barricading himself in a classroom and opening fire, killing at least 19 students and two teachers.

President Joe Biden spoke about the tragedy Tuesday.

“[There are] parents who will never see their child again,” Biden said. “Never have them jump in bed and cuddle with them. Parents who will never be the same.”

Biden said he is determined to take down the “gun lobby.”