‘These Barbarians’: Scarborough Attacks Republicans, Manchin Over Gun Laws

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lashed out at Republicans and Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin over their alleged inaction on gun control laws during Wednesday’s episode of “Morning Joe.”

The panel opened up by discussing Tuesday’s mass shooting that left at least 19 elementary school students and at least two teachers dead at Robb Elementary School in Ulvade, Texas.

Scarborough criticized Republicans, calling them “cowards” for alleged inaction as calls for gun control grow louder.

“They’re cowards, they’re such cowards,” he said. “Of course. They don’t want to talk about it, just like Jan. 6. Like we saw in the focus group, they want you to forget about it.”

“These fools — well, they’re not fools, they know exactly what they’re doing — these barbarians, they get on TV, and they say, ‘oh, let’s not talk about it now.’ Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and 11-year-old kids now in our schools from Newtown to Texas are getting gunned down by military weapons. So mutilated that their moms and dads can’t even recognize their faces?”

“And Washington does nothing,” Scarborough said, before shifting his focus toward Manchin. (RELATED: Border Patrol Agent Rushed Into Texas School And Killed Shooter: REPORT)

“Hey Joe Manchin, after Newtown you did something, it’s time you do something. Joe, I’m kind of tired, we’re friends, I’m just going to tell you, your old routine, ‘oh, it’s always this person or that’ — Joe, why don’t you get out in front of something for once in five years and start talking about what you can do instead of what you can’t do?”

“Because all you ever talk about is what you can’t do. You’re a Democrat that got this right after Newtown. And you pushed with Pat Toomey. And you pushed with him on background checks. You need to do that again.”

Scarborough said there needs to be background check reform and “gun safety laws that Congress will not pass.”

Eighteen-year-old Salvador Romas was identified as the shooter. Romas allegedly shot and killed his grandmother before entering the school with a handgun and rifle and carrying out the horrific attack.

Manchin said Tuesday he would do “anything” he could to prevent another shooting from happening. Manchin rejected calls to scrap the filibuster in order to pass gun control legislation, however, warning without it there would be “total insanity,” according to The Hill.