Man Says Nephew Watched Friend, Teacher Get Shot In Face During Texas Shooting

[Twitter Jorge Ventura]

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A local Ulvade, Texas, man told the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura that his nephew witnessed his friend and teacher get shot Tuesday during a deadly mass shooting at an elementary school.

“My nephew was in the class, he was actually in the classroom across the hallway from where the gunman went in,” the man explained. “What he told us is that he actually saw the teacher get hit and saw his friend get shot in the face.”

Ventura also spoke with another witness, who explained how he watched the suspected shooter — 18-year-old Salvador Ramos — crash his pick-up truck into a ditch before running into the elementary school.

“I was sitting with my dog and then I saw a truck drive by, a Ford. It went fast,” the witness recounted. “I heard the crash, so I went to go check it out … and I see two guys … come by and check on him and then I heard the three gunshots and he started running and I went back inside.”

The witness said he then heard several more gunshots and someone screaming, “[Romas] is in the school, he’s in the school!” (RELATED: Border Patrol Agent Rushed Into Texas School And Killed Shooter: REPORT)

Romas allegedly entered Robb Elementary School with a rifle and a handgun and barricaded himself inside a classroom where he opened fire, killing 19 students and two teachers.