Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Insinuates Jim Banks Wants To Exclude Kids By Discussing Biological Realities


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Education Secretary Miguel Cardona insinuated that Republican Rep. Jim Banks wants to exclude children from extracurricular activities by questioning whether biological boys should compete against girls, according to video footage of a Congressional hearing.

Banks asked Cardona whether the Biden administration supports “biological boys competing against girls in sports?” Banks also questioned whether Cardona believed such policies were in “direct conflict” with Title IX policy.

“Sir, I see where your questions are going, and I’m going to be very clear with you — our transgender students need to feel supported, included, and seen,” Cardona said. “And, your line of questioning is, even by describing it the way you’re doing it, shows me that you don’t believe that all students should have access to the extracurricular activities that schools provide.”

In another line of questioning, Banks questioned whether the U.S. Department of Education believes that school districts should keep a “child’s involvement in gender transition a secret from their parents?” (RELATED: New Jersey K-8 School: District ‘Shall Accept A Student’s Asserted Gender Identity’ Without Parental Consent)

Cardona said he believes parents and schools must work together, though he later suggested that sometimes schools work one-on-one with students on issues that are “very sensitive.”

“Parents and schools must work together to support students. … We want parent engagement,” Cardona said. “Schools should be partnering with parents in communication and there are times when schools are working in supporting students on issues that are very sensitive.”

Banks told the Daily Caller that he would “not be intimidated” by accusations that he does not care for children because his policy preferences don’t align with those of the Biden administration.

“Anytime the Biden administration is forced to answer for their radical agenda, they resort to insults and slander,” Banks said. “Whether it’s fighting for border security, voter ID laws, or protecting the rights of parents and biological women, I will not be intimidated by these absurd accusations and I will not back down.”

Erika Sanzi, the outreach director for the concerned parent organization Parents Defending Education, told the Daily Caller that Cardona’s use of the word “safe” appeared misguided.

“[Cardona] repeatedly uses the word ‘safe’ but educators are mandatory reporters with a legal obligation to report when they believe that a child is unsafe in their home,” Sanzi said. “Is he in favor of calling child protective services on every parent who doesn’t immediately affirm their child’s gender identity and sign them up for puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and the removal of their healthy breasts?”