Investigation Launched Against School Counselor For Opposing Transgenderism

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A Milwaukee elementary school counselor may lose her state-issued license after an investigation was launched against her by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for speaking out against transgenderism at an April 23 rally.

The Wisconsin DPI sent school counselor Marissa Darlingh a letter on April 29, notifying her that, given her comments at the rally, “The Department will investigate to determine if there is probable cause to support allegations of immoral conduct.”

According to the letter, a “community member” submitted video footage of Darlingh at the rally to the DPI. The footage, also posted to YouTube by Women’s Liberation Radio News, showed Darlingh identifying herself as an elementary school counselor and blasting gender ideology.

“My name is Marissa Darlingh. I an elementary school counselor in Milwaukee Public Schools, and I oppose gender ideology ever entering the walls of my school building,” Darlingh said, according to the video. “On my dead fucking body will my students be exposed to the harms of gender identity ideology.”

“Not a single one of my students under my fucking watch will ever, ever transition socially, and sure as hell not medically,” Darlingh continued. (RELATED: The Makers Of ‘The Genderbread Person’ Announce New Tool To Teach Kids About Sexuality: ‘The Sexualitree’)

As she concluded her speech, she said, “Fuck transgenderism. Fuck these people behind us who want children to have unfettered access to hormones, wrong sex hormones, and surgery,” referring to counter protesters who were disrupting the rally, according to the video.

The Wisconsin DPI confirmed that Darlingh was under investigation, but was unable to provide comment.

“As this investigation is ongoing, the DPI is unable to comment on the matter,” the Wisconsin DPI told the Daily Caller.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is representing Darlingh, and in a letter sent to the Wisconsin DPI on Monday stated that if her license is revoked, “we can assure that you will face a federal lawsuit.”

“Indeed, your letter is such a blatant and troubling violation of First Amendment rights that it immediately makes one wonder how often DPI is wielding the ‘immoral conduct’ statute to stifle speech it opposes,” the letter continued.

Deputy Counsel for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Luke Berg said in a press release Wednesday morning that, “The state is, quite simply, trying to punish a public-school counselor for her views on gender ideology. This is a classic, clear-cut violation of the First Amendment and the state can expect a federal lawsuit if it proceeds.”

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty directed the Daily Caller to their public press release and letter sent to the DPI when asked for comment. (RELATED: New York’s Department Of Education Recommends School Children Read Books On Transgenderism, Racism And Liz Warren)

Marissa Darlingh herself also offered comment in the release.

“My views on the harms of gender ideology to children are informed by a desire to serve and protect children. That’s why I got into education. I will love and serve every child under my care, no matter what. But I won’t recant under threat from the state,” she said, according to the release.

The Wisconsin DPI’s Licensing website lists Darlingh’s license status as “under investigation.”