Amber Heard’s Lawyer Taken Off Guard By Witness’ Fiery Testimony

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Morgan Tremaine, a former representative for TMZ, came forward Wednesday with a fiery testimony in the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp lawsuit, and her lawyer didn’t appear to take his comments very well.

Tremaine worked as a field assignment officer for TMZ in 2016, and testified that the outlet had received anonymous tips detailing Heard’s location around the time of the alleged abuse, according to Newsweek. He claimed these tips oftentimes came from publicists, agents, managers, lawyers, and in some cases, celebrities themselves, the outlet noted.

In response, Heard’s Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft claimed Tremaine had only come forward to testify in an attempt to gain his “15 minutes of fame.”

“So, I stand to gain nothing from this. I’m actually putting myself kind of in the target of TMZ, a very litigious organization, and I’m not seeking any 15 minutes here, though you’re welcome to speculate,” Tremaine said. “I could say the same thing by taking Amber Heard as a client, for  you.”

Bredehoft seemed taken aback by Tremaine’s witty response. She immediately pushed back, saying, “Little argumentative, don’t you think?”

“Oh hardly, I find that to be purely logical thinking,” he interjected.

Tremaine went on to detail an instance on May 27, 2016, in which TMZ allegedly received a tip that Heard would be appearing at a courthouse to file a restraining order against Depp.

“[The cameramen’s] objective was to capture her leaving the courthouse, and then she was going to sort of stop and turn towards the camera to display the bruise on the right side of her face, the alleged bruise,” Tremaine said, according to courtroom footage. (RELATED: ‘I’m Pretty Sure I’d Be Dead’: Johnny Depp Slams Amber Heard’s MDMA-Popping Accusations)

Tremaine informed the court of multiple other anonymous tips  TMZ had allegedly received. One such tip led to paparazzi cameramen being dispatched to a law office on August 6, 2016, where Heard was reported to be giving deposition. Tremaine said he “dispatched camera people to a parking lot adjacent to a law office in which she would be arriving to, so we could get the footage of her arriving for the deposition,” he said, according to courtroom footage.