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Editor Daily Rundown: Cabinet Secretary Won’t Condemn Anti-Parent Secrecy In Schools

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Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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THE STORY CHANGES… THERE WAS NO SCHOOL POLICE OFFICER AS KILLER ENTERED SCHOOL… THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED… NBC: Gunman entered Texas school unobstructed and started shooting, officials say

Contrary to information officials released earlier, the gunman wasn’t confronted by a school police officer before he entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, said Victor Escalon, the South Texas regional director for the state Department of Public Safety.

The gunman walked into the west side of the school at 11:40 a.m. Tuesday and started firing. Four minutes later, local and school police followed him inside, Escalon said. […]

As soon as the gunman entered, he walked 20 to 30 feet and turned right to walk another 20 feet before he turned left and into a classroom, Escalon said.

“Officers are there, the initial officers, they receive gunfire. They don’t make entry initially because of the gunfire they’re receiving. But we have officers calling for additional resources, everyone that’s in the area,” Escalon said.

“During this time that they’re making those calls to bring in help to solve this problem and stop it immediately, they’re also evacuating personnel, when I say students, teachers. There’s a lot going on.” […]

Escalon added that the gunman fired at two witnesses at a funeral home, but the official couldn’t immediately explain how the gunman wasn’t stopped in the 12 minutes between the crash and campus entry. […]

It appears that the door the gunman used to enter the school was unlocked, Escalon said Thursday. […]

“The majority of the gunfire was in the beginning,” he said. “During the negotiations, there wasn’t much gunfire other than trying to keep the officers at bay.”

The gunman had 15 bullet wounds from shots fired by authorities from multiple agencies, two senior law enforcement officials said Thursday.


LT. CHRIS OLIVAREZ, TEXAS DPS, SAYS COPS COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED IF THEY RUSHED IN… VIRGINIA KRUTA: “They could’ve been shot. They could’ve been killed,” Texas police lieutenant explains why law enforcement did not go into Uvalde school right away.(VIDEO)



Details of the massacre inside Robb Elementary School were still emerging, but officials have provided a timeline of events in which they said that a school district police officer headed to the school after 911 calls came in around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday. After the officer arrived, the gunman — who had scaled a fence to enter the parking lot — fired at the school and then entered it, according to the timeline. At some point, at least two members of the Uvalde Police Department entered the school, officials said, but they were shot and retreated.

About 90 minutes after the initial 911 calls, officials said, agents of the U.S. Border Patrol entered the building and killed the gunman. […]

Officers are now trained to disable a gunman as quickly as possible, without waiting for a tactical team or special equipment to arrive and before rescuing victims.

The approach changes if the gunfire stops, as it did in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016, when the gunman barricaded himself in the bathroom with several victims. Barricaded hostage situations can be complex. In the nightclub shooting, the gunman, on the phone with crisis negotiators, claimed that he had explosives. At the same time, wounded victims needed treatment. When officers breached a bathroom wall, the gunman began firing again. […]

Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers, said that school officers had prevented many instances of violence that do not gain broad attention. […]

He warned against jumping to conclusions about officers’ actions on Tuesday.

Storming a building too quickly could allow a gunman to escape, he said. And while capturing or killing a gunman is “Plan A,” he said, containing the person to a particular space can be an effective “Plan B” to lessen the carnage.




OFF-DUTY BORDER PATROL AGENT RESCUED CHILDREN AFTER DESPERATE TEXTS FROM HIS WIFE — A TEACHER INSIDE SCHOOL… NY POST: Heroic officer rushed into Uvalde school with barber’s shotgun to save daughter, wife

An off-duty US Customs and Border Protection agent fearlessly rushed into Robb Elementary School with his barber’s shotgun and rescued dozens of children and his daughter after his wife texted him that there was an active shooter.

Jacob Albarado had just sat down for a haircut when he received the horrifying message from his wife, Trisha, a fourth-grade teacher at the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, he told the New York Times.

“There’s an active shooter,” she wrote. “Help,” she sent before sending a chilling: “I love you.”

He immediately leaped out of his seat, grabbed the barber’s shotgun and sped off toward the school.


KILLER’S DAD SAYS SON WAS ANGRY AT HIM OVER ‘COVID PRECAUTIONS’ … DAILY BEAST: Salvador Ramos said his son, also called Salvador, grew frustrated with the COVID precautions about a month ago and refused to speak to him. Ramos has not seen him since. “I’m never gonna see my son again,” he said.


STEPHEN L. MILLER: Two mass shooters in two weeks on record citing covid shutdowns themselves.


UPDATE ON BUFFALO SHOOTER… DID A RETIRED FEDERAL AGENT KNOW HIS PLANS?… BUFFALO NEWS: Authorities investigating if retired federal agent knew of Buffalo mass shooting plans in advance

Law enforcement officers are investigating whether a retired federal agent had about 30 minutes advance notice of a white supremacist’s plans to murder Black people at a Buffalo supermarket, two law enforcement officials told The Buffalo News.

Authorities believe the former agent – believed to be from Texas – was one of at least six individuals who regularly communicated with accused gunman Payton Gendron in an online chat room where racist hatred was discussed, the two officials said.

The two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation stated these individuals were invited by Gendron to read about his mass shooting plans and the target location about 30 minutes before Gendron killed 10 people at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue on May 14. […]

“The FBI has verified that none of these people called law enforcement to warn them about the shooting. The FBI database shows no advance tips from anyone that this shooting was about to happen.”


WOULD GUN RESTRICTIONS STOP HOMICIDES? WAPO SAYS ‘EVIDENCE IS THIN’ … WAPO: Do restrictive gun laws effectively prevent mass shootings?

There are so many guns in America, any restrictive gun laws could take years to make a difference, and even then it’s hard to measure why violence goes up or down. The United States has far more guns per person than any other country — and far more gun violence, including not just mass shootings but also homicides and suicides in which firearms are used. Certainly, some gun-control policies help reduce violence, The Post’s Fact Checker reported in 2017 — such as requiring a license to have a gun. And The Post’s Aaron Blake has looked at how many “red flags” were present before recent mass shootings. But the evidence is thin that tougher gun laws would quickly and dramatically reduce rates of gun violence.


YANKEES, RAYS PUSH GUN RESTRICTIONS… USE UNPOPULAR TERM ‘LATINX’… BREITBART: New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays Pause Game Coverage to Highlight Gun Violence Stats

The New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays suspended their usual game coverage on Twitter to draw attention to gun violence within the United States.

Typically, the two organizations’ Twitter accounts post live states about the game being played. Instead, they posted statistics about gun violence on Thursday. The move by the two Major League Baseball teams comes in the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting, where an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school.

“In lieu of game coverage and in collaboration with the Tampa Bay Rays, we will be using our channels to offer facts about the impacts of gun violence.” the Yankees said on Twitter. “The devastating events that have taken place in Uvalde, Buffalo and countless other communities across our nation are tragedies that are intolerable.”

In one of the posts, the Yankees mentioned that “more than 4,100 Latinx people die from gun violence” in the country. The Rays and Yankees’ followed up their posts with sources for their gun violence statistics.




MSNBC HOST SPINS DESTROYING AMERICAN CULTURE AS A VIRTUE, AND OPPOSITION TO IT AS A VICE… KEVIN TOBER: .@JoyAnnReid: “Today’s Republican Party doesn’t actually stand for much except banning books, turning women into state-mandated incubators, targeting the LGBTQ community, and mass deportation, oh yeah, and guns!” (VIDEO)


…MAKES EXCUSES FOR NOT ADDRESSING UNDERLYING PROBLEMS IN PURSUIT OF BANNING GUNS… TOM ELLIOTT: MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid: “Republicans [are] just tying themselves into pretzels to point themselves at every single thing but the problem, the gun … As far as we know, there was no mental health issue with the individual who stole the futures of 19 children in Uvalde.” (VIDEO)


NYC SUBWAY POSTER ENCOURAGES HEROIN ADDICTS TO ‘AVOID USING ALONE AND TAKE TURNS’ … ‘START WITH A SMALL DOSE AND GO SLOWLY’ … ‘DON’T BE ASHAMED… BE EMPOWERED…’ NOAH POLLAK: Friend who lives in Manhattan sends pic of this subway ad courtesy of the NYC Dept of Health. Heroin addiction — it’s empowering!


CABINET SECRETARY WON’T CONDEMN ANTI-PARENT SECRECY… TOWNHALL: Sec. Cardona Refuses to Say Schools Should Not Be Keeping Secrets from Parents About Gender Transitions (VIDEO)

A Thursday exchange between Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) further revealed just how entrenched the Biden administration is in an agenda for transgender minors, even if it means schools keeping key details from parents about their own children.

During the exchange, which was part of a budget hearing for the House Education and Labor committee, the congressman had asked Sec. Cardona “should schools ever keep it a secret from parents if their children are involved in gender transitions,” following up with an emphasis asking if that “should be a secret from parents.” While the secretary’s response began by pointing out that “schools should be partnering with parents in communication,” he had lots more to say.

“And there are times where schools are working on supporting students on issues that are very sensitive, but I do believe that parents should be connected with schools, and in many cases, working together is what’s going to help the student.”

It’s worth emphasizing how the secretary said “in many cases,” and used code language such as “issue that are very sensitive.”


NO CHARGES FOR FBI AGENTS WHO FAILED SEX ASSAULT VICTIMS… WAPO: Justice Dept. won’t charge FBI agents accused of botching Nassar case

Two former FBI agents accused of mishandling sex-abuse allegations against former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar will not be charged with a crime, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

In a statement, officials said that after a “careful re-review of evidence,” the department “is adhering to its prior decision not to bring federal criminal charges,” adding: “This does not in any way reflect a view that the investigation of Nassar was handled as it should have been, nor in any way reflects approval or disregard of the conduct of the former agents.”

John Manly, a lawyer for many of Nassar’s alleged victims, called the decision “incomprehensible” and said the FBI agents “violated their oaths of office and colluded in the cover up of the worst sexual assault scandal in the history of sports.” He said the timing of the announcement — shortly before a holiday weekend, and during coverage of a school shooting — “is one more cynical attempt by the [Justice Department] to cover up FBI complicity” in the Nassar scandal. […]

It is rare for the Justice Department even to consider reopening a case that was closed without charges. One of the Nassar agents retired years ago and the other was fired last summer in the wake of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s scathing report, which found major missteps in the FBI’s handling of allegations against Nassar in 2015 that allowed him to victimize more patients before he was arrested by state authorities the following year.


MORE ILLEGAL HARASSMENT OF JUSTICE AMY CONEY BARRETT… CULLY STIMSON: Another Thursday, another unlawful protest at Justice Barrett’s house. Filthy potty mouthed “F” bomb radicals. Clear violation of state and federal law. (THREAD)

Why isn’t Soros bought and paid for #rogueprosecutor @SteveDescano enforcing the law against protests at Justice Barrett house from tonight?


VIRGINIA ALLEN, DAILY SIGNAL:What I Saw at Fourth Protest Outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Home (VIDEOS)

Pro-abortion protesters marched through Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s neighborhood for the fourth week in a row Thursday night.

The 11 protesters chanted obscenities and yelled “pro-life is a lie, you don’t care if people die,” as they made their way through the Falls Church neighborhood, about 9 miles west of Washington, D.C.

Police were present during the protest. Barrett is believed to have not been at home.

The activists, two of which were dressed in costumes from “The Handmaid’s Tale” TV show, also chanted “no privacy for us, no peace for you” as they marched outside Barrett’s home.

“You’re breaking the law,” Cully Stimson, a neighbor of Barrett’s and a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, told the protesters as they circled around the cul-de-sac. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.) He added, “you’re disturbing the peace and tranquility of our neighborhood.”


VIRGINIA ALLEN: Parting words from pro-abortion protester leaving Justice Barrett’s neighborhood: “save the fetus, f*** the child.” (VIDEO)


GET READY FOR THOSE MEMORIAL DAY GAS PRICES… ED MORRISSEY: “Incredible transition” update: Get ready for new gas-price records this weekend

You’d better hope that your Memorial Day plans don’t include a trip to the gas station, or that your credit score will withstand the impact if they do. Before we get to just how high it will get, let’s see where we’re at as of today. The average price per gallon in the US across all formulations, as measured by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), is $4.694 as of last Monday. That’s up ten cents from the previous week, 27 cents from two weeks ago, and 41 cents from the beginning of the month.


CHINA’S TAIWAN INVASION PLANS MAY HAVE JUST LEAKED… TIMES OF INDIA: Explosive audio leak details China’s plan to invade Taiwan

An unprecedented and explosive audio leak of a top-secret meeting of the Peoples Liberation Army has revealed China’s detailed plan to attack Taiwan.

Experts say that the audio clip posted on the YouTube channel of Lude media appears authentic. This will be the first time since the formation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 that a recording of a top-secret meeting of a military command has been leaked.


RIP RAY LIOTTA… NY POST: ‘Goodfellas’ actor Ray Liotta dead at 67

Ray Liotta, a legendary character actor known for his career-defining performance in the crime classic “Goodfellas,” died in his sleep Wednesday night while filming a movie in the Dominican Republic. He was 67.

“I was very saddened to learn of Ray’s passing,” his “Goodfellas” co-star Robert De Niro told The Post Thursday. “He is way too young to have left us. May he Rest in Peace.”

The movie’s director, Martin Scorsese, was “absolutely shocked and devastated” by Liotta’s death.

“He was so uniquely gifted, so adventurous, so courageous as an actor,” Scorsese said in a statement.


CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: Former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik to be his vice presidential nominee, should he make another run for the White House in 2024, multiple GOP sources familiar with the matter told CNN. Patriots, who would you want Trump to pick as his running mate if he throws his hat in the ring for 2024? Let us know in the form.