Gun, Ammo Found In Desk Of Sacramento Second-Grader

Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A California second-grader brought a gun and a loaded magazine to school, according to a statement from the Sacramento City Unified School District.

Students at Edward Kemble Elementary in Sacramento alerted staff that one of their second-grade peers had a gun and a loaded magazine in his desk, according to a statement from the school district. The district said that police do not believe there is evidence that the student intended to harm anyone.

“Staff were alerted by students that a classmate brought a weapon to school. Staff immediately began to investigate and found a gun and an accessible loaded magazine in the desk of a 2nd-grade student,” the district said in a May 24 statement. “Staff then called police who secured the weapon and opened an investigation. The District will cooperate with law enforcement as the investigation proceeds.”

The school district said it’s thankful that students spoke up and followed their “see something, say something” protocol.

“We are grateful that this incident did not result in a tragedy such as those that districts have experienced, including today’s tragic and senseless mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas,” the district said. “This is due in large part to the bravery and awareness of the students who came forward and alerted staff at Kemble today.”

The Sacramento Police told USA Today that the incident is under investigation.

Sacramento City Unified School District told the Daily Caller that the investigation will be run by the Sacramento Police Department. The Sacramento Police Department told the Daily Caller it has no updates on the investigation.