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ANALYSIS: Why You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’

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Sarah Weaver Staff Writer
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President Joe Biden’s dystopian Disinformation Governance Board may have been disbanded barely three weeks after its beginning, but the administration has found a new way to promote its censorship agenda.

Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” used the force of the executive branch to combat what they saw as “disinformation” online. But it quickly became obvious that the Board’s Information Czar Nina Jankowicz, peddled her own version of misinformation online, as well. For instance, Jankowicz told ABC News last October that the Hunter Biden laptop story should be seen as “a Trump campaign product” and posted that 50 former national security officials and five former heads of the CIA claimed the story was, “a Russian influence op.” But multiple media outlets, including The Daily Caller News Foundation, confirmed the authenticity of the laptop.