Britney Spears Keeps Grabbing Her Cat’s Throat In Strange Video

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears featured her cat in her latest dance video Sunday, but she kept strangely grabbing it by the throat, and fans aren’t impressed.

Spears’ dance videos have become a regular occurrence, but dancing with her cat was a new experience for many fans tuning in to her Instagram post. In this particular video, Spears kept handling her cat by wrapping her fingers around its neck. She forcefully turned the cat’s head to face the camera, and the cat wasn’t able to resist much under her grip. Spears then continued to dance in her cat-themed outfit while grabbing at the cat’s neck and moving it around.


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Spears clearly wanted her cat to share the spotlight with her, but her feline friend wasn’t having it.

The cat attempted to escape, but Britney maintained her grip around its neck, and the cat seemed utterly unimpressed with the entire situation.

The more that Spears swayed back and forth with her grip firmly placed on her cat’s neck, the more her fans flooded her comments section to inform her that they were highly uncomfortable with her hand placement, and her overall treatment of the animal. (RELATED: Megan Fox Compares Her Head To An Edamame Bean, But Her Sheer Outfit Has Fans Looking In A Different Direction)

“Stop holding your cat like that!” wrote one fan, while another said, “Why do you keep holding the cat round the throat 😡,” as well as “Poor cat is like 😣”

One fan doubled down on the #FreeBritney movement by writing “#FreeTheCat,” and yet another person came forward to write, “That cat was definitely stressed. Please don’t hold your cat by the throat.”

The strange video also troubled a fan that wrote, “Cats don’t like to be held like that. Also, if your pet is not in the mood for posing please don’t force it😢,” while someone else said, “Britney why are you strangling your cat?”