Jake Tapper Was Grilling A Biden Adviser When CNN’s Camera Slammed To The Ground

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Jake Tapper was grilling White House economic adviser Brian Deese on Wednesday when suddenly the camera crashed to the ground and derailed the interview.

Tapper was discussing the baby formula shortage with Deese, and asked why President Joe Biden wasn’t made aware of the shortage early on. Biden himself admitted he was blindsided by the shortage and only learned that manufacturer Abbott had closed its facility in April even though the factory was shut down in December.

“Brian, why didn’t anyone tell the president?” Tapper asked.

Deese said when Biden was informed he directed officials to use “all the available tools we had” to “address” the issue.

“I guess I still just don’t fully understand why you didn’t tell the president until April if the problem was reported to the FDA last fall, the FDA didn’t check it out until I think December, and then they shut down the factory in February. The president, the only one who can invoke the Defense Production Act to force companies to produce this incredibly direly needed infant formula, he’s not told until April,” Tapper said.

“Karine Jean-Pierre, your press secretary, said this has been a whole of government approach. That doesn’t include the president?”


Deese said the FDA was conducting a “thorough” investigation and the government is working to address the crisis. (RELATED: Reporters Press Jean-Pierre On Delayed Response To Baby Formula Shortage)

“I don’t need the FDA to investigate itself to come to the judgment that they did not act quickly enough, and on behalf of all the frustrated moms and dads and guardians out there, I hope you don’t either,” Tapper said.

Deese began responding when suddenly the camera began swaying before falling over.

“Whoa, whoa!” Deese could be heard saying before Tapper took control of the segment.

Biden admitted Wednesday he was not aware of how severe the baby formula shortage was until April. Jean-Pierre then suggested that the administration made moves to aid the baby formula crisis prior to making Biden aware of what was going on.