Woman Claims Her Massive Boobs Got Her Kicked Off A Plane

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A Canadian woman claimed she was kicked off an airplane due to the size of her breasts, and is planning to sue the airline.

The woman who models on Instagram and is known by the moniker ‘Mary Magdalene,’ alleged that her 22-pound breasts were the reason she was kicked off the plane, while airline staff claimed she had failed to take their instructions by keeping headphones over her ears, according to TMZ. Magdalene is citing discrimination and threatening legal action. 

Magdalene says she was on a flight from Canada to Dallas when she was kicked off for being “too explicit,” according to TMZ. She indicated that soon after she was seated, she was told she had to get off the plane, the outlet reported.

Magdalene said the actual reason was that her breasts were too big to be entirely concealed by her top, and she alleged the request to leave the plane was purely based on discrimination on the airline’s part, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Boob Sweat Has Been Made Available For Sale By A Reality TV Star)


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The cost of her ticket was $5,000 and Magdalene said she was forced to take a later flight to Dallas, in lieu of being forced off her original plane, the outlet reported.

Magdalene proudly displays her oversized breasts on social media and admits to having invested a small fortune on a number of different plastic surgeries. She currently has 36.5 thousand followers on Instagram alone, and much of the artwork and photography she displays on her page is of the female anatomy.