Poll: Young Men Of Both Political Parties Think Feminism Does More Harm Than Good

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Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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Dislike for feminism has become the dominant opinion among all young men, not just one political sect, according to a new poll by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A majority of male respondents under age 50, including a plurality of Democrats, said feminism has done “more harm than good” in the new poll released Wednesday. 62% of young Republican men agreed with that characterization, while 46% of young Democratic men agreed, compared to 41% of young Democratic men who disagreed.

The survey was conducted by Tulchin Research between April 18-25, and surveyed 1,500 adults with a margin of error of 2.53%.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans overall said feminism has done more harm than good. In addition to young Republican and Democratic men, at least a plurality of younger Republican women and older Republican women also agreed.

Large swathes of young men also said that men “should be represented and valued more” by society. 60% of younger Democratic men agreed, along with 65% of young Republican men. A majority of Republican women and older Republican men also agreed. Just 4% of older Democratic men said so.

The SPLC concluded that these findings prove men see women’s rights as a threat. “Taken together, these results suggest that a sizable proportion of men across the political spectrum, as well as large numbers of right-leaning women, perceive the progress made toward transgender rights and gender equality as potential threats,” the organization said in a summary of the poll.

Young Democratic men were also more likely than other Democrats to agree with Republicans on a host of other social issues. 40% agreed that “transgender people are trying to indoctrinate children into their lifestyle,” and 47% agreed that “gender ideology has corrupted American culture.” (RELATED: New York Times Refers To Women As ‘Menstruators’ For The First Time)

A majority, 54%, of younger Democratic men agreed with what the SPLC called the “great replacement theory,” the idea that “the recent change in our national demographic makeup is not a natural change but has been motivated by progressive and liberal leaders actively trying to leverage political power by replacing more conservative white voters.”