Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Demands ‘Assault Weapons’ Be Banned

Philadelphia Eagles (Credit: REUTERS/Leah Millis and Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Philadelphia Eagles have decided as an organization they’re now gun control experts.

In the aftermath of the horrific school massacre in Texas, people around the country are debating how we can keep people safe, and many individuals — including President Joe Biden — are pushing for popular semi-automatic guns to be banned. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Well, you can now add Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to the list.

“Enough is enough! Assault weapons loaded with high-capacity magazines are a clear threat to public safety and should be banned,” Lurie said in part Friday in a statement released by the team on Twitter.

You can read the full statement below.

Why? Why are we doing this? Why are sports teams, which exist to entertain fans and paying customers, weighing in on political issues like gun control?

Do NFL owners and executives not know who their fans are? Do they truly believe people are paying to be lectured about guns in America or do they just want to support their team?

The answer is clearly the latter. I’m also very skeptical Lurie could tell the operational differences between different kinds of rifles or even cite the accurate definition of an assault rifle, according to the military.

Furthermore, do you know who protects and keeps stadiums across America safe? Cops and private security armed with weapons that almost certainly carry more than just a few rounds.

In fact, I’ve seen officers at football games with rifles readily available in their vehicles. So, it’s pretty ironic a dude whose product is protected by AR-15s and Glocks thinks weapons are the issue. Rules for thee but not for me!

Stick to producing a solid product on the football field, and don’t lecture everyday Americans about their rights. Frankly, nobody cares what an NFL team or an owner care about other than the score on the field.