‘Drag Your Kids To Pride’ Event Sparks Outrage And Protests


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Protestors appear to have clashed with parents and other attendees of a self-described “family-friendly drag show” in a Dallas nightclub.

The event, titled “Drag The Kids To Pride” was held at 11 a.m. at the Mr. Misster gay nightclub.

A description of the event available on Eventbrite depicts planned events of the show as “a family friendly spin off of our famed Champagne Drag Brunch.”

The description inquires, “Do you want to hit the stage with the queens? We have FIVE limited spots for young performers to take the stage solo, or with a queen of their choosing!”

Images shared to Twitter show several children sitting in the middle of a dance floor. In front of the children stands a Drag Queen with a sign behind him that reads, “it’s not gonna lick itself!”

The event has been met with considerable negative reception online. (RELATED: Drag Queen Story Hour For Air Force Kids Gets The Boot)

A video shared to Twitter allegedly shows a verbal clash between protesters and attendees. “I only have one question, why do you want to put an axe-wound in between your son’s legs?” a protester with a bullhorn asked the attendees. A female voice out of frame responded, “we’ve got kids here, please go away,” to which the protesters replied, “that’s the point!”

The exchange between protesters and attendees appeared to end near the end of the video after the bullhorn-equipped protestor referred to the attendees as “the symptom of a dying society,” before being met with multiple attendees’ shouts of “shame on you!”

This controversy comes amid a growing national debate regarding transgenderism and children. Controversy over drag queen story hour at libraries and elementary schools has captured recent media attention, as has a recent incidence of a transgender male camp counselor sleeping in a cabin for young girls at a California summer camp.