Jean-Pierre Unable To Answer Whether Proposed Gun Control Legislation Would’ve Prevented Mass Shootings

[YouTube/Screenshot/The White House]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared unable to answer how any of the gun control legislation being proposed would’ve stopped both the Uvalde, Texas, shooting or the Buffalo, New York, shooting during Tuesday’s press briefing.

A reporter questioned whether there are any measures currently on the table that could’ve changed what happened in both cities.

“Based on what you know about the situation in both Uvalde and Buffalo, is there anything that the Senate negotiators are considering now that would’ve stopped those two shootings?” a reporter asked.

“I’m no expert here, but one thing that I do know, that we all know, is that both the shooters were 18. And one of the things that’s on the table is raising the age limit,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Are you sure that’s on the table? Raising the age limit from 18 to 21 to buy AR-15s? Because John Cornyn has said that’s not on the table,” the reporter interjected.

“I’m just saying it’s been discussed,” Jean-Pierre said, claiming she thought the reporter asked what Jean-Pierre personally thought would help. The press secretary added President Joe Biden supports raising the age limit. Jean-Pierre said she would not negotiate on behalf of Congress.

“I’m actually asking what among the things the senators are considering could’ve prevented this,” the reporter asked before Jean-Pierre said again she would not “negotiate” from the podium. (RELATED: Matthew McConaughey Fights Back Tears Remembering Uvalde School Shooting Victims At White House)

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said Monday he is under the impression that raising the age requirement from 18 to 21 is not on the table, according to CBS News.

“We have to be realistic about what can pass both chambers of Congress and get the president’s signature,” Cornyn said, according to CBS. “And we know it’s not easy … I want to be clear, we’re not talking about restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners or citizens.”

Democrats have pushed for a ban on high capacity magazines and limits on so-called “assault weapons.” There have also been calls for red-flag laws and universal background checks.