SCOTUS Judge Jackson Seen Clapping At ‘Assault Rifles’ Ban During Harvard Graduation

Screenshot/YouTube/Harvard University

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Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson was captured on video applauding remarks made by New Zealand’s prime minister on the country’s “assault rifle ban” during Harvard’s commencement ceremony May 26. 

Jackson can be seen sitting directly behind Prime Minister Jacinda Arden as she discusses her government’s gun control laws. Jackson begins clapping once Arden mentions “banning military-style, semi-automatics and assault rifles.” 

Arden’s remarks followed two days after the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 students and two teachers dead. President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the same day of the shooting, and stated he wanted to see an “assault weapons” ban. (RELATED: Biden Stretches Truth On The ‘94 Assault Weapons Ban)

Senate Republicans previously cast doubt on Jackson’s support for the Second Amendment during her nomination process. Jackson affirmed the right as predicated in the precedent of the District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. City of Chicago cases. 

“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has never affirmed that the Second Amendment protects the individual, fundamental right of all Americans to keep and bear arms for the defense of themselves or others,” the National Rifle Association said in a statement following her nomination.