Crazy Video Shows Orangutan Attacking A Man In A Zoo


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video of a man being attacked by an orangutan went viral Tuesday after a shocking display of strength from the caged creature.

In the video shared widely online and by TMZ, the man gets around a foot or two away from the bars of the cage, and the orangutan uses this opportunity to grab his shirt and drag him forward with alarming ease.

Even after someone stepped in to help the man, the orangutan managed to grab his leg and hold him horizontally against the bars of his cage. He holds him there using his two arms and a foot as the man and other person seem to panic wildly.

It’s unclear where or when the video was taken, but the man was reportedly fine after the encounter, TMZ noted. Reports suggest that the video was initially uploaded to Reddit by a random user, according to the India Times. (RELATED: Kentucky Derby-Winning Horse Goes On Attack, Gets Punched In Face)

Various forms of apes and orangutans have been known for their violence against each other and humans, and in 2016 two orangutans teamed up to kill another, Scientific American reported. Orangutans can lift up to around 226kg, around 500 pounds, which is almost three times their own body weight, the India Times noted.