Phil Mickelson Said His Gambling Issues Were ‘Reckless And Embarrassing’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Phil Mickelson has finally opened up about his issues with gambling.

There have long been whispers that Mickelson, who just joined Saudi-backed LIV Golf, has had issues with gambling, and he finally addressed it on the record. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

To the surprise of nobody, he did admit that he used to gamble way too much.

“My gambling got to a point of being reckless and embarrassing. I had to address it. And I’ve been addressing it for a number of years. And for hundreds of hours of therapy. I feel good where I’m at there. My family and I are and have been financially secure for some time,” Mickelson said during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Well, I guess we can now officially say that Mickelson did have a gambling issue. Again, there have been whispers about it for years, but he’s now gone on the record about his issues.

In a small way, that certainly takes a lot of courage. Nobody wants to publicly admit their flaws.

The good news is that it sounds like Mickelson has been getting help for his gambling issues, and has been on solid footing. That’s all you can really do when you have a problem.

You have to address it head one because if you don’t, things will only get worse. That’s just a fact of life.


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Now, he’s headed to LIV Golf, where I have no doubt he’s got the bag. Let’s hope he doesn’t spend it all in one place!