Reporter Who Accused GOP Candidate Of Praising Nazis Fired For Posting Offensive Tweets


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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The Arizona Mirror fired a reporter Tuesday for posting offensive tweets in 2011-12 after recently accusing Republican Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters of praising a Nazi leader.

The former senior reporter, Dillon Rosenblatt, was fired for posting “offensive tweets containing hateful slurs from 2011 and 2012,” the Arizona Mirror said in a statement. The outlet became aware of the tweets earlier Tuesday and authenticated them, leading to an immediate termination.

“States Newsroom will thoroughly review this journalist’s conduct while employed at the Arizona Mirror,” the statement said. “We are committed to holding ourselves and our reporters to the highest ethical standards, learning from our mistakes and producing the type of non-partisan, high-quality journalism that our readers expect. States Newsroom has zero tolerance for racism, misogyny, and any form of hate speech.”

Masters posted screenshots of the tweets earlier Tuesday of Rosenblatt allegedly making offensive and derogatory statements about women, Asians and a wide variety of other things.

“I only deal with women for 3 reasons: sex, money and making me sandwiches,” Rosenblatt allegedly tweeted in November 2011.

“#ThingsLongerThanKim’sMarriage asian people’s penises,” a tweet from Nov. 1, 2011 reportedly said.

“Remember the [Arizona Mirror] employee, [Dillon Rosenblatt], who took my decades-old *criticism* of a Nazi and falsely reported that I had *praised* Nazis? This is him,” Masters tweeted, including a screenshot of the former reporter using the n-word.

Rosenblatt accused Masters of praising Nazis in a May 6 article written for the Arizona Mirror, titled “GOP senate candidate Blake Masters wants to allow states to ban contraception use.” The piece cited a 2006 essay where Masters quoted Nazi Party leader Hermann Göring. The outlet later issued a correction clarifying that Rosenblatt incorrectly said the Republican candidate “praised” Göring. (RELATED: Dave Weigel Suspended Without Pay For A Month Following Newsroom Revolt)

“Specifically, Jewish Insider discovered a 2006 article in an obscure libertarian publication, in which Masters argued that America had not fought a ‘just war’ since the Civil War, and asserted that the country had gone to war throughout the 20th Century to benefit ‘third party special interests.’ To conclude his argument, Masters invoked a ‘poignant quotation’ from Goering about how government leaders use propaganda to build public support for war,” the editor’s note said.

Masters posted a google document of several derogatory tweets Rosenblatt allegedly posted. In one tweet, he called several Twitter users the n-word and a f*ggot, according to the document.

Masters’ campaign did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment. After sending their initial statement, the Arizona Mirror declined to comment further.