Pro Abortion Protester Rushed Biden’s Motorcade And Immediately Regretted It

Screenshot/Twitter/Hailey Winslow

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A pro-abortion protester rushed President Joe Biden’s motorcade Wednesday evening as it traveled through Los Angeles and was immediately apprehended.

Secret service swiftly took down the protestor as she walked toward the oncoming motorcade while screaming into a megaphone. A bystander could be heard on video saying, “she’s going to get hit by a car,” according to video posted to Twitter by Fox LA reported Hailey Winslow.

As police tackled her to the ground, some onlookers yelled, “get off her,” and the protester yelled, “get the fuck off me,” according to the video.

President Biden arrived in Los Angeles for the Summit of the Americas, a gathering of leaders of countries from both North and South America. This year’s gathering will discuss, “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future.” (RELATED: Mexican President Snubs Biden’s Invite To Summit Of The Americas)

An impending decision from the Supreme Court that would decide the fate of Roe v. Wade has abortion supporters and opponents on high alert. The San Diego city council passed a resolution in May declaring itself a “safe city” for women seeking abortions. Three different pro-life organizations have been firebombed in the past month after a leaked opinion from the court signaled the justices are willing to overturn the 1973 decision.