Woke Haters Come After Sydney Sweeney’s Fashion Statement

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Haters came after Sydney Sweeney, slamming the 24-year-old actress for representing an “unattainable body image” in her MTV Movie Awards attire.

Sweeney’s micromini skirt and half-shirt revealed her ultra fit physique, but that was too much of a trigger for haters at Yahoo! who said her outfit “feels like a threat to body positivity,” according to Outkick. “While the low-rise trend has already been seeing a resurgence, the red carpet moment is triggering a response from people who’d like to leave it in the past,” Yahoo blogger Kerry Justich said, according to Outkick.


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Sweeney, who stars in “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” rocked her outfit on the red carpet alongside many other celebrities with revealing outfits, but this particular fashion statement seemed to elicit an aggressive response that suggested she was single-handedly responsible for setting unattainable body image goals.

Woke culture continued with a wide array of critical comments, taking hits at the revival of this fashion style.

“Watch body positivity go down the drain once the low rise fashion takes over again,” said more woke commentators, according to Outkick. Another Instagram hater wrote, “She giving off Tara Reid vibes.”


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“No shade to beautiful Sydney… but I’m sad we’re seeing more of this ULTRA low rise waist and ULTRA flat tummy look again,” an person commented on an Instagram post, according to Outkick. Another comment read, “So coveted yet unachievable for so many of us with different builds.”

“Low rise NEVER AGAIIIN! Young generations: learn from the [past]!! Don’t ruin your body!!!” was also posted as a comment to Sweeney’s outfit, according to Outkick. (RELATED: Jennifer Lopez Heats Things Up In A String Bikini)


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The micromini skirt and exposed midriff seemed to trigger a response that associated Sweeney’s slim figure with eating disorders that were once prevalent in the world of fashion. Apparently, body shaming only applies the person on the red carpet is “plus-sized,” and not the other way around.