Scarborough Sums Up Why Dems Should Panic Over The Border Disaster With Just Five Words

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough summed up Thursday morning why Democrats should be worried about the crisis at the border while admitting former President Donald Trump was right about the crisis.

Scarborough brought up the southern border while interviewing Axios Co-founder and CEO Jim Vandehei. Scarborough said the border  “is something that the media doesn’t talk about that much” despite the dramatic increase in illegal immigration over the past two years.

“Democrats in Washington don’t like to talk about it. Democrats on Twitter don’t like to talk about it. So they just pretend it’s not there and that it doesn’t upset Americans. But crime, these illegal crossings at the border, I mean, it’s not like Donald Trump, who made stuff up when he came in 2016, illegal border crossings were at a 50-year low after eight years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” Scarborough said. “This is real. The numbers keep spiking. More people keep coming. Joe Biden wants to get rid of a rule that provides some relief for border agents. But why is the White House so completely lost on this issue?”


“There is a wing of the party that – remember, go back a year or two, there was talk of should we push open borders and have a lax border policy? They feel they’re caught in a vice. What you said is real. We’ve done a lot of reporting of the different warnings we’re hearing from Homeland Security that the crisis at the border could get even worse,” Vandehei said.

“People don’t like feeling unsafe. They look at the murder rates in big cities. They look at what happens in Chicago every weekend. They look at the shootings. The spike in crime worries people. Then politicians can easily conflate that with illegal immigration and say Democrats aren’t worried about you or your safety, whether it’s your income safety in terms of inflation or your safety because of crime,” he continued. (RELATED: ‘Difficult Times’: Maine City Raises Property Taxes To Pay For Migrant Housing)

“Yeah, and they even conflate Ukraine with the southern border. Two completely different things, but that doesn’t change the fact that this administration really is ignoring a massive crisis that members of their own administration say is a massive crisis. Also, you said it concerns millions of Americans who want our laws enforced at the border. You know who else, Mika, feels that way? Hispanics on the Texas border.”

“They’re voting Republican,” Vandehei said.

A caravan of roughly 6,000 migrants comprised of individuals mostly from Venezuela are headed toward the southern border, Reuters reported. Mexican authorities let the group pass through southern Mexico and head north, Fox News reported. Agents at the border are concerned the situation could be overwhelming.

Amid the crisis, a federal judge ruled in May that the Biden Administration must pause their efforts to rescind Title 42. The policy was implemented under the Trump administration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been used to quickly expel migrants.