Are Mexican Authorities Actually Trying To Stop Illegal Immigration At The Southern Border?

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Mexican authorities have fed migrants with misinformation and extorted them as they travel to the U.S.-Mexican border, Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura reported.

U.S. Border Patrol and authorities encounter 1 to 2 deceased migrants per day by drowning in the strong currents of the Rio Grande River, dehydration and several other causes, Maverick County Deputy Constable Frank Bowles said.

“It’s gotten worse and it’s getting a lot worse than what it was before,” Bowles said.

Ventura and the Daily Caller video production team traveled to northern Mexico where they found little effort from Mexican officials to stop the migration and assist those attempting to cross the border.

A large security presence arrived in Piedras Negras, Mexico, only formed when Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visited the border in Eagle Pass, then left just a few hours later. The lack of officials to combat migration has led to a dangerous journey for migrants and a large influx to encounter U.S. officials at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ventura asked the governor whether he views his agreements with Mexican governors as a success due to authorities’ lack of action. (RELATED: Biden Admin Unveils Plan To Deal With Expected Massive Migrant Surge)

“I will tell you the facts, and the facts are these,” Abbott said. “First, this is significant. There’s only been one government official in the United States of America who has negotiated with and talked with Mexican officials about the border. And that’s me. Our president and national leaders of the United States did not reach out to Mexico or Mexican leaders to try to reach any type of solution whatsoever. … We are having some results but they did not exist before.”

Abbott said there will continue to be challenges due to the U.S. government’s policies lifting restrictions on illegal immigration.

“As long as I have to fight back against the Biden administration that has its open border policies, we’re going to be swimming upstream every single day,” the governor continued. “And we’re going to be utilizing every single tool that we can, including increased assistance — I would say unprecedented assistance — from our partners in Mexico.”

Migrants have been fed misinformation and disinformation by Mexican authorities. Ventura talked to a group of migrants that believed Title 42, a Trump-era policy allowing border officials to expel migrants on the basis of protecting against COVID-19, had been lifted. The migrants said they will cross the border whether the policy had been lifted or not, bringing life jackets and rope in order to successfully cross the river.

Haitian migrants said they had been turned away from the border and are receiving no assistance from either the U.S. or Mexican governments. Mexican officials took their money and reportedly harassed them. A Honduran man made the dangerous journey after being misinformed in his homeland that the border is open.

“There’s just a lot of confusion right now,” Ventura said. “And if you just walk around Piedra Negras here, all of these migrants are really just stuck asking questions and are stuck in limbo.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered a total of 234,088 migrants in April, according to CBP data. Migration has nearly doubled since President Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021. Under Title 42, there were 96,908 encounters processed for expulsion.

Nearly 1.3 million migrants have been apprehended at the border from year-to-date in 2022, CBP reported.