Hood College Prof Who Called Conservatives ‘The Enemy’ Alleges Termination Over Viral Video


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A college professor was allegedly terminated after posting a video to TikTok dubbing conservatives “the enemy,” according to multiple tweets from the professor.

Former Hood College Professor Simone Kolysh posted a rant on TikTok after a leaked Supreme Court draft indicated that a majority of the high court intends to overrule Roe v. Wade. Kolysh said that conservatives are “the enemy” and claimed that “having a uterus,” being in an interracial marriage, and being gay is illegal.

“I’ve always been clear as to who the enemy is and which systems need to be dismantled. But, doing this right now — this anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ, anti-women legislation galvanizes this generation of Gen X-ers in such a way that we’ve never seen before,” Kolysh said. “You’re going to lose the war, conservatives. We know you’re the enemy. We know you’ve always been on the wrong side of history. And I take great pride in staying consistent in that hatred of you and your beliefs and views.”

“Gay people aren’t going anywhere,” Kolysh continued. “You’re own children will be gay and trans and abort their children if necessary, okay?”

In a since-deleted tweet from May 18, the self-described “lesbian agender mother of four” claimed Hood College terminated her for talking about race and gender ideology too much.

“Today I got fired from my tenure track job because some students said I spoke ‘about Black people too much’ and ‘spread lesbianism’ and the administration was like, ‘cool, legit’ and for my TikTok where I said I hate conservatives for roe v wade,” the professor said. “Know I am well.”

Kolysh alleged in a separate tweet that the university locked the professor from emails before Kolysh could agitate students and colleagues to “overthrow the college and the state.”

“After I was fired, they locked me out of my accounts so I couldn’t, god forbid, tell students and colleagues the truth and agitate everyone to rise up and overthrow the college and the state, and now I don’t have anxiety anymore when checking my email. Nature is healing,” Kolysh said.

The professor uses a litany of adjectives to describe “their” sexuality. Kolysh’s Twitter biography dubs the professor a “non-binary dyke” who uses “they/them” pronouns and is a “Leftist Educator” who promotes abortion for all. (RELATED: Prof Tells Students To Watch ‘Professional News’ Like MSNBC, Not Fox News)

According to Kolysh’s Hood College biography, which remains active on the college’s website, the professor studies race, gender, and sexuality and is “committed to a revolutionary future.” Kolysh’s work is referred to as “scholar-activism.”

Sabrina Conza, a Program Officer at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), told the Daily Caller that the college violated its policies for terminating a professor based on political expression.

“If Hood College fired Professor Kolysh for her political views, it has violated its own policies. Firing professors for protected political expression simply because administrators and students don’t like what they have to say is viewpoint discrimination, and it’s impermissible at institutions that, like Hood College, promise faculty expressive rights,” Conza said.

Kolysh did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment. Hood College told the Daily Caller that they do not comment on personnel matters.