Watch Police Sniper Take Down Armed Man With Kidnapped Baby In One Clean Shot

[Jeremy Harris/Youtube]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Utah authorities released body cam footage showing the moment a police officer fatally shot an armed man that was holding an infant hostage.

The incident began on Feb. 17 in St. George, Utah, when police were searching for 30-year-old Oscar Alcantara, who was wanted in connection with a different incident in which he brandished a weapon, according to KUTV. Authorities managed to find Alcantara in St. George.

When authorities pulled over the vehicle Alcantara was traveling in, a woman jumped out of the car and warned police Alcantara was still in the vehicle with her baby and was armed, according to KUTV. Alcantara reportedly jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off, prompting police to give chase.

Alcantara ended up crossing the Arizona border before police tried to get Alcantara to surrender. (RELATED: Arizona Officer Shot And Killed During Traffic Stop)

“Put the child down on the ground, we will not pursue you!” a police officer can be heard yelling at Alcantara in the video footage which was obtained by KUTV through a FOIA request.

Alcantara reportedly grabbed the child and ran into a wooded area and pointed the weapon at the baby.

“Oscar stop! We don’t want to hurt you!” an officer could be heard screaming, according to the outlet.

As police tried to talk Alcantara down after he hid behind vegetation, snipers moved into position, according to KUTV.

Authorities say Alcantara pointed the gun at them.

“The gun is pointed right at us! Gun pointed at us!” one officer could be heard yelling.

Roughly one hour after the incident began a sniper shot and killed Alcantara with a single shot.

“I got child, I got child, come here baby,” a police officer was heard saying.

The shooting remains under investigation, according to KUTV.