Montana Elementary School Librarian Reportedly Taught Third-Graders How To ‘Spread Radical Queer Joy’

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Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A Montana elementary school librarian reportedly “violated school district policy” by teaching third-graders about spreading “radical queer joy,” according to a local news outlet and a concerned parent group.

In the lead-up to “Pride Month,” some students at East Side Elementary School in Livingston, Montana, underwent lessons on LGBTQ advocacy, the history of the Pride flag, and coming out, according to Livingston Enterprise. The presentation, published by the Livingston Enterprise, was given by the elementary school’s librarian who was replaced by a substitute librarian for the remainder of the school year, according to communication between the district and the Livingston Enterprise.

Livingston Public Schools received several complaints from parents. Superintendent Lynne Scalia vowed to “discontinue” the use of the presentation “immediately” as it was considered an “unapproved presentation,” according to Livingston Enterprise.

Parents received a letter on June 3 stating that the lesson “was not part of the District approved curriculum and administrators only became aware of [it] after it had already been delivered to students,” according to the outlet.

The presentation given to third-graders included a TedTalk from Lindsay Amer, the individual who runs the YouTube channel “Queer Kid Stuff.” The channel claims to bring “LGBTQ+ and social justice media to kids and families.” Amer claims in the video to make LGBT content for “literal babies,” according to Parents Defending Education.

“It’s okay to be gay. We are different in many ways,” Amer said in the TedTalk. “Doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, girl, or somewhere in between.”

“Talk to a kid about gender. Talk to a kid about sexuality,” Amer continued. “Teach them about consent. Tell them it is okay for boys to wear dresses and for girls to speak up. Let’s spread radical queer joy.”

One slide of the Pride presentation links to a video of a narrator reading the book “Stonewall,” which describes what happened during the Stonewall riots. (RELATED: California Middle School Subjected Kids To Performance By Drag Queen Named ‘Nicole Jizz’)

Another slide links to a video detailing the history of the Pride flag. Another slide titled, “JoJo Siwa On Her Decision to Come Out and Falling In Love With Her New Girlfriend,” features dancer JoJo Siwa coming out as a lesbian, according to Parents Defending Education.

Siwa seems to suggest in the video that children do not need family members who refuse to accept LGBT issues.

“I also think that if somebody in your life, you know, isn’t going to accept you for who you are, isn’t going to support you for loving who you love, you might not want that person in your life,” Siwa said. “And that’s really hard because for a lot of people, that could be a mom. That could be a dad. That could be a grandparent. That could be an aunt, an uncle, a little sister, a little brother.”

Erika Sanzi, the Director of Outreach for Parents Defending Education, told the Daily Caller that educators are specifically targeting young children to indoctrinate them.

“Third graders are 8 and 9 years old. How on earth does a school librarian think it’s appropriate to do a presentation during class time that features activists who tell children to ‘spread radical queer joy,’” Sanzi said. “Activist teachers are trying to turn their captive audience into foot soldiers for their preferred cause and increasingly, that cause is gender ideology.”

Livingston Public Schools did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.