‘Sexualization Of Children’: Radical Feminists, Conservatives Team Up To Blast Biden’s New LGBT Executive Order

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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A radical feminist organization and a traditionalist conservative advocacy group teamed up to slam President Joe Biden’s new executive order on LGBT policy Wednesday.

Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) and the Family Policy Alliance (FPA) released a joint statement late Wednesday criticizing Biden’s executive order which will expand access to “gender-affirming” care for children and outlaw conversion therapy for kids with gender dysphoria. The executive order will direct the Department of Health and Human Services to combat new state laws passed by some Republicans aimed at limiting the sexualization of children.

Gender-affirming care is a euphemism for procedures and treatments, often irreversible, which facilitate a sex change such as puberty blockers or sex change surgeries. WoLF and FPA claimed that Biden’s policy puts gender-confused youth on a “one-way street” to make young girls become more masculine and sterilize themselves.

“In one fell swoop, the man who holds the highest office in our nation labeled over half the country—including Democrat primary voters, Christian ministries, and radical feminists—as ‘bullies,'” the statement reads. “We’re ‘bullies’ simply because we believe Americans should have access to ethical mental healthcare, that girls’ sports should be reserved for girls, and that children should not be the guinea pigs in the political agenda behind gender theory.”

“President Biden and his Administration won’t even define the word ‘woman,’ yet today they have no problem asserting a clinical treatment plan for Americans’ mental health challenges and using the weight of the presidency to sexualize children.” (RELATED: How Influencers Lure Kids Into Transgender Lifestyle, Coach Them To Lie To Doctors)

WoLF, a self-described radical feminist organization, and FPA, a group advocating for religious freedom, pro-life policies and parental rights said they may not agree on much, but will come together to fight Biden’s “dangerous” LGBT policy: “Though we may not agree on every issue, rest assured that our organizations will use the full weight of our resources to oppose this dangerous and out-of-touch executive order.”

In addition to expanding access to sex changes for kids, Biden’s executive order seeks to outlaw conversion therapy, increase support for LGBT individuals in the military, advance the Equality Act and promote more LGBT people to high government offices.