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Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2022 – Isolates, Broad & Full-Spectrum Products

Hanna Le Contributor
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CBD products have changed a lot. There was a time when you could only find CBD products for humans, but right now there are a lot more. Well, pets now can get the best products too made of CBD to help improve their health. That is something pet owners would really love to see when looking for the best CBD oil for dogs. 

So far, you will come across several brands making high-quality CBD oils pets can use. We will focus more on the dog and find which are the best CBD oils to use. If this interests you, keep reading this guide to find out more about the top CBD pet oil on the market right now. 

What to Look for When Buying Quality CBD Oil for Dogs

It is easy to come across many products when looking for CBD oil for dogs. This can sometimes make it hard for a person to decide if the product is good or not. That is why you need a quick guide to help you see how to pick the best quality CBD oil always. 

Hemp Source

CBD oil for dogs will vary a lot in terms of how they are made. This also includes where the brand gets the hemp plants. It is the hemp plants that provide a source of CBD extract vital for making CBD oil.

Look to see if the brand gets its hemp plants from high-quality sources. Any brand that knows it makes CBD oil for dogs with arthritis or any other condition will have no problem revealing where it gets its hemp. If the source is in the US, then you are assured of high-quality products. 

Purpose of CBD Use

Many pet owners come across several products all claiming to be the best CBD oil for dogs, however, how good are they? You may have an Honest Paws discount code ready to buy some CBD products, but first, understand its purpose.

The purpose in this case means what the CBD oil would do for the pet. An example is that you can find CBD for anxiety, pain, mobility, and joint health. Most brands would recommend how to use CBD products. So, always read the product description to find out more. 


CBD dog treats and CBD oils all come at different price levels. This pricing can be a dealbreaker for most people. However, you should not be so focused on the price you miss out on other things. 

The first thing would be trying to understand the benefits of buying one product over the other. Some products are more affordable and still deliver great results. At least you would now save some money and still get to use the right product. We recommend always going for value for money. 

Preferred Flavors

Dogs like humans enjoy flavors in things they eat too. It is possible to come across several options in terms of flavors when buying such products. The most common would be beef and chicken flavor. There can be many others depending on the brand. Try to pick a flavor your pet enjoys. 

Take note of any artificial flavors. Not all flavor types can be good for the pet. Just ensure you are buying high-quality CBD products with the best flavors too. 

Reputable Company

You may have a Holistapet coupon or any promo code for another company, but how reputable is a company before buying with coupons to save some money? It is just about coupons but rather the overall reputation of a company. At this point, you are supposed to be buying from brands that are top-rated in terms of providing quality CBD products. 

Read several reviews to find a general understanding of a company so that you only buy knowing it will be quality pet CBD oil.

Lab testing of the CBD oils can help show how transparent a brand is. At least you would know it will deliver the best products with lab reports available for further reading. 

Editor’s Choice

Honest Paws Dog Oil

  • Can help calm the dog 
  • Supports overall health 
  • Third-party tested

Best CBD Oils For Dogs – Top Brands Reviewed

  1. Honest Paws Dog Oil – Editor’s Choice
  2. Honest Paws Dog Treats – Best for CBD Dog Treats
  3. Holistapet – Best for Fast-Acting CBD Oils
  4. CBDfx – Best for Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil
  5. Anxious Pet – Best for Free Shipping 
  6. Petly CBD
  7. Extract Labs
  8. Just CBD

1. Honest Paws Dog Oil


  • Sources its hemp in the US
  • The products are non-GMO
  • All CBD oils have no artificial flavors


  • You are limited in terms of flavors 

Click here to get the best deal on Honest Paws Dog Oil

Honest Paws sells one of the best pet CBD oil in the market. The brand offers CBD products for calmness, mobility, and overall wellness. Such is vital for leaving you with a healthy pet always. The CBD products will also help with cognitive support and help in the behavioral management of the pet. That is why you will find the products quite effective for the pet’s health. 

So, how much CBD oil is enough to use for pets? Dogs may have different needs for CBD oil thus the need for understanding its dosage. Honest Paws does a good job of illustrating the dosage on the website. It is mostly based on the weight of the pet. Expect to also find multiple potency options in such a case. 

Getting yourself a 30-day money-back guarantee would be great for researching more into the functionality of such CBD oil. 

The refunds are fast and you would get any additional customer support help that you want. If you can buy in bundles the better because you end up saving a lot more. 

2. Honest Paws Dog Treats


  • Uses quality ingredients
  • All its products are organic 
  • It has no artificial flavors 


  • More variety in flavor would be great 

Click here to get the best deal on Honest Paws Dog Treats

Other than the CBD oils for dogs, you also get CBD dog treats from Honest Paws. The treats are simply infused with CBD oil from a hemp plant to give the dog a fun way of enjoying treats. The treats available include calm bites, relief bites, mobility soft chews, calm soft chews, and well bites. Each of the categories has a special way of improving the dog’s health. 

Like for calm bite, it contains full-spectrum hemp oil plus other ingredients such as barley, oats, and peanut butter. The barley is vital for improving the dog’s digestion health. As for oats, they help with keeping inflammation down. The peanut butter will be key for improving the flavor in the CBD treats. So, that is more reason for considering the product. 

The brand strictly uses organic ingredients in making the product. This is key in ensuring that you only get high-quality and safe dog treats. Third-party testing is also key in showing that the product is safe overall too and the brand is transparent. That is what you want in any top brand. 

3. Holistapet


  • The CBD oils are fast-acting 
  • The products are formulated especially for pets
  • CBD oils are gluten-free 


  • Slow support team at times 

Click here to get the best deal on Holistapet

Those who want the best organic CBD oil for their pets would definitely consider this one. This is because of how well the broad-spectrum CBD oil extract is infused with other high-quality ingredients to come up with the product. As much as MCT oil is not mentioned, the overall bioavailability of this CBD oil is quite good as you can see the pet’s health improve easily. 

The convenient dropper should help you have an easy time giving the pet CBD. Just follow the instructions given on the website and your dog will be fine. If you do not want to give it directly in its mouth, you can also consider putting the pet CBD oils in water or food. This would make the pet use enough CBD without even knowing it. 

The formula does not have THC. Not many dog breeds do well with THC and that is why you would want not to have it. The oil is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and non-dairy. These are all important things that would be crucial to keep the pet healthy always. Since it is manufactured in the US, such CBD oil meets quality standards. 

4. CBDfx


  • Multiple potencies available 
  • Has a natural chicken flavor 
  • Made using broad-spectrum CBD extract 


  • Limited variety 

Click here to get the best deal on CBDfx

This one also boasts of having the best organic CBD oil infused with organic MCT oil. Using the coconut-derived MCT oil helps a lot in improving how the oil is absorbed into the pet’s bloodstream. At least we know that the broad spectrum CBD tincture will be fast-acting and help the pet get better. 

The natural chicken flavor is something the dog will like. It might not be crunchy as the CBD treats, but it will be good enough to make more people consider it. Of course, the oil is also organic and non-GMO. These are some of the best traits of good CBD oil for a pet. Just because it is for a pet, it does not need to have contaminants. 

Talking of contaminants, CBDfx does extensive lab testing to ascertain the product quality. This is also in conjunction with third-party lab testing too. Other than showing transparency, such tests show if the product has contaminants or not. You also get that the lab reports are available for further scrutiny. 

5. Anxious Pet


  • You get organic CBD oils
  • Can help with seasonal allergies
  • The product is fast-acting 


  • Shipping may have delays at times 

Click here to get the best deal on Anxious Pet

This premium CBD oil combines full-spectrum CBD oil and organic fractionated coconut oil. The aim is to mostly help make the CBD oil efficient at what it claims to do. Well, the product claims to help an anxious pet to be calm, support immune health, and brain functionality, and reduce inflammation together with skin irritation. These are vital for boosting the dog’s health. 

Dosing is not hard. You are advised to consider the table on the website or packaging for dosing. The table mostly indicates the amount of CBD to use corresponding to the weight of the pet. As a result, you will be able to give the pet the right amount of CBD oil for it to get better. No more worries about the potential CBD side effects in dogs. 

3rd party testing is another thing to be happy about from the brand. At least you would learn important information about the CBD products and then decide if it is safe for the pet or not. The customer support would also largely help in understanding more about the product and get some offers too. 

6. Petly CBD


  • It features third-party testing 
  • THC-free CBD oils 
  • Veterinarian-approved products 


  • Some products tend to be out of stock at times 

Click here to get the best deal on Petly CBD

The CBD oil products are categorized based on the dog size. You will get CBD oil for small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and large dogs. So, it depends on what you have as a dog back at home. This categorization is also key to finding out more about potency. As expected, the small dogs get less potent products. 

The products are completely THC-free so that you end up with a product that does not harm the dog. As much as not all products with THC will affect the dog, you should try to be cautious. The product is also non-GMO and gluten-free too. These are key features vital for ensuring you end up with quality CBD oil products always. 

The product has human-grade MCT oil rather than hemp seed oil. The result is that it becomes easily absorbed into the bloodstream of the pet. Since it also features third-party testing, it should be a great choice for those who want to buy quality CBD pet oils. 

7. Extract Labs


  • CO2 extracted CBD for quality 
  • Lab-tested for purity 
  • Fast-acting CBD oil 


  • May take long to have it delivered 

Click here to get the best deal on Extract Labs

If you are still in the market for full-spectrum hemp extract in dog’s CBD oil, expect to get it here. The full-spectrum profile means that the dog gets to experience more cannabinoids in the product. The result is that it may feel better faster especially for a dog that has been suffering from chronic pain

This dog CBD oil is also made using organic hemp grown in the US. Such hemp would have been grown in line with strict farming practices key in ensuring the quality always remains the best. The additional MCT coconut oil would largely make the CBD oil tincture fast in acting. As such, if the dog was in pain, it should feel better faster. 

Being made in GMP-certified facilities is another plus for this product. At least you are sure the product was made in a safe environment. Also, it is lab-tested to ascertain that the safety profile is also the best. If you need the lab report, simply check the official website for more details.

  1. Just CBD


  • Multiple flavors available
  • Regularly tests its products
  • Uses high-quality CBD extract


  • Still not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

Click here to get the best deal on Just CBD

You may have noticed that other brands may have had limited options for flavors. Not this one. You will find options such as bacon flavor, chicken flavor, beef flavor, tuna flavor, and salmon flavor. As you can see, such variety is vital for finding a product the pet would enjoy using more often whether directly in the mouth or in the food. 

The hemp oil is also available in multiple potencies. Look at the dog’s weight and you should find the best potency that would work for it. All the CBD oils come with droppers that are easy to use. It should be effortless to use CBD now in the pet’s life. Make sure you use as recommended in terms of dosage to avoid potential side effects. 

How about safety? That is not something to worry much about considering the brand lists its lab reports on the website. At least you would know more about what is inside the product before buying. The support team is also readily available through various channels to help handle any queries that you might have in mind. 

What is CBD?

If you were wondering what is CBD for pets, we have the right answer for you. We will first look at what is CBD and how it can be used in pets. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is simply a chemical found in a cannabis plant. You may know such a plant also as hemp or marijuana too. 

Hemp and marijuana both contain CBD in varying degrees, but it is more in hemp plants. Other than CBD, you also get other compounds including THC and other 80 chemicals. Well, THC and CBD are the most famous and also largest in terms of quantity. 

Ever since the legalization of growing and use of hemp in the US, so far more research has come up to show how CBD may improve the health of humans and pets alike. As much as it may take longer for more people to appreciate hemp, many are already using it right now for various conditions. The same has been applied to dogs too. 

How is CBD Administered to Animals? 

Products that stand out as the best CBD for dogs would be available in many forms. The first one would be in a tincture or oil form. The hemp oil for dogs would mostly come with a dropper attached to the bottle. All you have to do is place a few drops of CBD oil into the pet’s mouth and that is it. It will eventually swallow then CBD will start working. 

The alternative to CBD oil is dog treats. The CBD dog treats are simply treats infused with CBD and would be used mostly during training or any time you feel like rewarding your pet. Other than the normal treats, there are additional health benefits this time around. 

The other choice would be a topical rub or balm. Let us say the pet is having joint problems or has localized pain, then you can apply CBD topicals to the specific areas for relief. This would help keep the pet active generally. 

Benefits of CBD Oils for Dog

CBD can do a lot for your pet, according to Modern Dog Magazine. That is what we want to look at below for you to decide better on why you should use CBD oil for dogs. 

CBD for Joint Problems and Pain

A huge percentage of dogs have joint problems. Most experience joint health issues as they age. The good thing is CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory so it would help improve such health issues as you continue using it for the pet. 

A study by Cornell University found that dogs using CBD for arthritis ended up being more active and had decreased pain. Such is good news to show how CBD is vital for the pet’s life.

CBD for Cancer 

Just as arthritis affects many dogs, the same can also happen to adult dogs. Treating cancer is just as tough in dogs as it would be in humans. As such, more research has been recommended when seeking to treat cancer in dogs using CBD. 

A study in 2020 showed that CBD may slow down the growth of cancer cells in mice. As much as this is not in dogs, we can use this information to find out if CBD is good for eliminating cancer or not. 

CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy 

Dogs can also suffer from seizures too. It is generally terrifying seeing a dog having seizures. So, you would do anything possible to see if CBD can help in reducing the frequency of seizures or eliminating them. 

Vets right now treat dogs with antiepileptic drugs such as potassium bromide. However, such drugs can harm the dog’s liver and other several organs. Well, researchers at the Colorado State University studied how CBD can help treat epilepsy in dogs and 89% of the dogs studied experienced reduced seizures due to using CBD

CBD for Anxiety

CBD can also be good for dogs with anxiety. Anxiety can be in many forms in dogs. Such include noise phobia, aggression, separation anxiety, and fear. We can still consider how CBD would reduce anxiety and stress in rats and compare it to how it would do the same for dogs too. 

Right now we need more research done on dogs so that we can be sure how CBD helps improve anxiety in dogs. 

CBD Dosage for Dogs

CBD dosage would always be important to improve the dog’s health. However, it may not always be easy to determine dosage like using drugs approved by the FDA. Also, not all products have the same dosage. The best advice would be to start small before easing into what the manufacturer recommends. 

Looking at the different products mentioned above, you will notice the dosage is mostly based on the weight of the pet. The average recommended dose is using 0.2mg of CBD per pound of weight of the dog. 

Not to worry much about the dosage as each manufacturer will give you this information. 

Are CBD Treats and CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Those who use high-quality CBD oil for dogs have little to complain about. The best part is that even WHO released a report showing that there was no dependency or abuse potential of CBD in aminals. It also determined that CBD may be helpful in the treatment of some conditions upon further studies. So, CBD is generally safe for dogs. 


At this point you are already convinced just how good CBD would be for your pet. We only recommend going for high-quality CBD oil and enjoying the best products from the top brands mentioned above. You can always check the source of hemp for such brands to understand the quality of CBD extract the brand uses. If you have additional questions, the brands have a support team that can help. Always utilize them for more information and also buy the correct product too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does CBD work in animals? 

CBD works the same in animals as it does in humans. In animals, it will interact with the G-protein coupled receptors which influence behavior, seizure control, bone density, and pain reduction. That is how it can help aid in relieving some conditions. 

  1. Is CBD safe for animals?

Yes. CBD is safe for animals. We recommend only using the recommended dosage to see the best results. \

  1. Can CBD cause my pet to get high?

No. CBD does not have the same effects as THC which is the one responsible for making pets or humans feel high. 

  1. What are the risks of treating my pet with CBD?

Some pets may experience dry mouth and temporary low blood pressure. However, this is mostly when CBD is used in excess. So, keep it within the right dosage to see fewer side effects.