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Best CBD Oil: Top 5 CBD Brand Reviews in 2022

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CBD oils have always been a top pick for those who want to treat pain, inflammation, and lack of sleep, among other benefits. Yes, you will find these and many other health benefits if you buy CBD oil. We find that a person can only receive these benefits only if the best CBD oil is used. Not to worry much as we discuss more such CBD oils in this guide so that you can choose the right CBD products. 

If you are unsure what makes a good CBD product, then read this guide until the end. We share how we chose the best products so that you only pick the right products to experience the benefits of CBD. What are we waiting for? Let us dive into the guide. 

Editor’s Choice


  • Has multiple CBD oil types 
  • Uses USA-sourced hemp plants
  • It has several options for potency 

The Best CBD Oils in 2022

  1. CBDistillery – Editor’s Choice
  2. CBDfx – Best CBD Oil for Anxiety
  3. Lazarus Naturals – Best CBD for Sleep
  4. Joy Organics –  Best for Flavor Variety 
  5. GreenRoads – Best for Strong Potency CBD Oils

1. CBDistillery


  • Tests its products in third-party labs
  • Made using non-GMO plants
  • It is US-hemp authority certified 


  • Not many options for flavored CBD oil

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CBDistillery is home to broad-spectrum, CBD isolates, and full-spectrum CBD oil tincture. As you can see, it can be easier to find all the CBD products you need. You could also sort the results of CBD tinctures based on potency so that you find the best CBD oil in the market to give you the best results. 

The brand has also been considered one of the best thanks to the methods they use to make CBD oil. The company makes its products in a cGMP-approved facility. Such is one indicator of ending up with high-quality CBD oil. Also, the company uses US-sourced hemp. This makes it a great choice generally as you end up with products made from high-quality hemp plants. 

The use of fractionated coconut oil or MCT makes it a good pick. This oil is vital for making CBD oil easily absorbed into the body. This means experiencing more results sooner compared to when it had lacked the oil. You also have the option of reading the third-party lab results before buying a product. Such results show the company is transparent. 

2. CBDfx


  • The products are solvent-free
  • All the oils are USA made
  • The company uses high-quality ingredients 


  • Products tend to be pricey

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CBDfx is another brand that has several types of CBD oils. A buyer can find CBD tinctures for sleep, overall wellness, calmness, and more. So, whichever problem that you might have, this type of company will have it covered. The best part is that the different CBD oils come in various potency options. So, you can get something stronger if that is what you need. 

Let us say you opt for full-spectrum CBD oil, you will find such having many other ingredients also infused with them. All the ingredients in the full spectrum CBD oils are known to deliver on the best results generally. You can expect to find them non-GMO and still natural. The brand always keeps the safety of the client a priority. 

The products come with verified potency. This is vital for those who need to learn more about a particular CBD tincture. All the CBD oils on the platform have a lab test result linked to them. It is from the results you appreciate what works for you and what does not. With its 50-day money-back guarantee, at least you will be able to return the products in good time to get your refund if the need arises. 

3. Lazarus Naturals


  • Contains MCT oil for bioavailability
  • Offers many options for flavors
  • It grows its own hemp plants for consistent quality 


  • The support team takes too long to respond

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Here you can get a bit of everything including the various types of CBD oils to the flavors. When other brands might only get you one or two flavors, here you get almost 10. So, you would find yourself buying the best-tasting CBD oil tinctures. Well, taking CBD oil for different conditions no longer needs to be boring. 

Lazarus Naturals offers options such as full-spectrum CBD oil and THC-free CBD oil. As much as it is not mentioned, broad-spectrum CBD oil is available since it has a THC-free option. The two main types of CBD offered can be used in a wide range of applications generally. You also get MCT oil vital for the bioavailability of hemp seed oil. 

The company grows its own hemp on the Lazarus Farms. That is how it can control the quality and always end up with the best CBD oil on the market. The company uses the ethanol-based process for CBD extraction. This method is key in ensuring you have high-quality CBD oil always. No need to worry about solvents unlike when using other methods. 

4. Joy Organics


  • The products are lab-tested 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee 
  • Multiple CBD oil flavors are available 


  • Shipping takes longer to arrive

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Joy Organics will also have you enjoying the various types of flavors available. You will have options such as strawberries, fresh lime, summer lemon, orange bliss, tranquil mint, and unflavored options. Yes, even with the many flavors available, sometimes the unflavored option is the best. So, it depends on personal preference for CBD products. 

There is also broad-spectrum CBD oil in addition to full-spectrum CBD oil. Well, in case you want to experience CBD oil, pick the one you like. We must highlight the lab-testing feature of the company. The CBD oils are tested in a third-party lab. The result is that now you get the best CBD oil free from contaminants. 

Having a dropper makes it also easy to administer the use of CBD oil. In case you have a problem understanding the dosage, the support team can help you get started with using such CBD products. Also, there is enough dosage information on the packaging too to get you going. 

5. Green Roads


  • The products have no artificial sweeteners
  • The products are vegan and gluten-free
  • It has multiple CBD potencies 


  • Expensive CBD products 

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Whether you want full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil, expect to find several options here. The company comes with a wide range of options in terms of flavor too. It seems more people want to enjoy CBD to the fullest. The use of essential oils and natural sweeteners helps make the brand good at providing variety to users. 

Independent lab-testing makes this a great product to get generally. This is because you are sure it is a safe product compared to what you get from other brands that might not show the product’s lab report. The lab reports are readily available for you to see that there are no contaminants in the product. Such safety cannot be underestimated. 

The CBD products feature hemp seed oil extracted using high-quality methods too. Such methods are vital for ensuring there are no solvents in the product. Another thing is that the products are made in association with pharmacists. As such, you now have a great product already taken through its paces. 

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant. When we say cannabis plant, it encompasses the hemp plant and marijuana plant. That is why you can have hemp-derived CBD products and marijuana-derived CBD products. The hemp-derived products are legal and would mostly be easily available to you. 

Other compounds such as THC are also in the cannabis plant. However, it is not as much as CBD in hemp plants. It is mostly less than 0.3%. As such, it is not easy to get high while using hemp-derived products. 

 As explained in HealthCanal and Home Care Magazine, CBD works by interacting with various receptors in the Endocannabinoid system of the users. The main receptors CBD interacts with include CB1 and CB2 receptors.  

CB1 receptors are found throughout the entire body. Their work is to coordinate movement, memories, appetite, pain, emotion, thinking, and mood. That is why when you take CBD, you may experience relieving pain. 

CB2 receptors are mostly found in the body’s immune system. They mainly affect pain and inflammation in the body. 

How We Made The List

Now that you have seen there are several CBD brands and products available, you would be wondering, what is the best CBD oil on the market? Here is how we choose the best CBD oil for sale.  

Source of Hemp

The CBD products can only be high quality if the best ingredients are used. So, we consider the hemp source for making the CBD oil product. If the company uses US-grown CBD, then we are at least sure it makes the best products. This is because there are strict standards that the farmers must meet to sell their products locally or to the international market. 


The CBD oil companies will often claim they have the best quality in the market. However, until you can actually see the ingredients of the product, it is hard to determine just how good it is. We look at what the brand uses to make the CBD oils and do more research to understand if it is a good product or not. 

We always look for ingredients that are non-GMO, organic, and there are no fillers in the product that would make it unsafe. You can do it too. Check the CBD oil products from different brands to see if the ingredients are listed before buying yourself one. 


CBD oils will have the potency indicated as mg of CBD per bottle. This is key information that we always consider. This is because some conditions might need stronger CBD compared to others. A good example is when treating pain. You may need something stronger compared to when using CBD oil for anxiety

We try to find a company offering CBD tinctures in various potency levels. This gives you the freedom to pick a good product with the best potency for your needs. 

Price Range & Discount

The price range is something you should definitely consider when buying from any CBD brand. We can expect CBD companies to have different pricing of their products generally, but it does not hurt to get the best value for money. So, we take our time comparing the different options that a company offers and see how the price matches the benefits a person is getting. 

If a company offers the best discounts, we will also mention it. A good discount is vital for ensuring you always save some money when buying CBD products more often. The discounts are not always valid, so keep checking with the best CBD oil companies to see who has good offers at the moment. 

CBD Testing Lab

CBD testing is quite vital so that you end up with high-quality products always. Anyone would be comfortable when buying a product with the lab results attached. All the CBD manufacturers reviewed in the guide come with third-party lab reports. Here you will have enough knowledge about the product you are buying and if it contains any contaminants. 

Testing third-party labs show that the company is transparent and does not have a problem when other labs test its products. 

Customer Reviews

There is so much that goes into assuring you that you got yourself a high-quality product. Well, the money-back guarantee is one of them. If you have a product with a longer guarantee, it gives you more confidence in using its products. 

Also, customer reviews are vital too. Good customer reviews will always help you understand the products better so that you end up with a good product too. If people are complaining that it does not work, then you should not be the one that buys such a product. It is okay to do more research until you get yourself the right product. 

When to Shop for CBD Online?

Online shopping has evolved rather quickly than some people may have anticipated before. Right now, you can order the highest quality CBD oil from your home and get it delivered in a couple of days. So, such convenience is what makes more people consider shopping online. No need to move from one store to another. Some brands would also not be in your state, but they can easily be accessed online. 

Another reason would be that you get a wide range of products available to use. Other than CBD oil tinctures, you can also get other products such as CBD gummies, soft gels, salve, topical cream, and more. Even those who want dog treats can get them. 

The discounts from online stores can also be quite impressive at times. Examples include the CBDistillery coupon code and Lazarus Naturals coupon code. If you can use them in time, they will save you a lot of money. Check out the other brands we have mentioned. You might be lucky to get a lot more discounts. 

Some even offer free shipping on purchasing the product. This can be quite enticing since you can now find more people buying from such brands. Another reason would be that you can get several flavored CBD products when you buy online. That is something you really have to consider. 

How to Use CBD Oil?

CBD oils are not hard to use. Most people even find CBD oil safe so long as they use it correctly. Well, you use CBD oil by placing one or several drops under your tongue. Hold the CBD oil for around 30 seconds then swallow. It is that simple. 

Right now, there is no exact amount of CBD oil you can use. Each of the brands will have a specific CBD oil dosage. As such, follow what each brand offers so that you get the most out of the CBD oil. Also, do not mix CBD oil with other medications without advice from a doctor. Some drugs may have interactions with CBD. 

Conclusion: Should You Buy CBD Oil?

Now that you have gone through our list of hemp oils, you can easily decide which is the best pure CBD oil to get for yourself. We have looked at the various products plus highlighted their strong points so that you would make a decision with ease. So far, you can see just how CBD will be vital for your health. 

If you can use CBD correctly, it will leave you feeling better from various conditions. So, buy from reliable suppliers always. The same brands can also include the best CBD gummies for anxiety or other CBD-related products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What company sells the purest CBD oil?

You can consider CBDistillery right now for your CBD oil needs. It can provide high-quality products vital for improving your health. 

  1. Is CBD right for you?

CBD can be right for you if used correctly. Use it only if you have consulted your doctor and have recommended it for various conditions. 

  1. How quickly does CBD oil start to work?

CBD oil can start working in about 15 to 20 minutes in most people. So, always be patient and experience the benefits a lot sooner. 

  1. What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

The main difference is based on where the oil is sourced. Hemp oil is got from cold-pressing hemp seeds while CBD oil is got by extracting CBD from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of a hemp plant. 

  1. Are there any side effects of consuming CBD oils?

Some of the side effects of using CBD oil may include dry mouth, fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhea, and reduced appetite. These side effects are mostly well-tolerated.