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ANALYSIS: The Left Is Smuggling Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Agenda To The State Level

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Sarah Weaver Staff Writer
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The Biden administration’s “Disinformation Governance Board” was paused after barely three weeks due to widespread backlash, as well as the questionable priorities of its director, Nina Jankowicz. However, the censorious agenda behind this “Ministry of Truth” is now quietly smuggling its tactics to the state level.

The “Ministry of Truth,” as critics dubbed it, was the Department of Homeland Security’s heavy-handed and short-lived way to streamline the process of enforcing certain opinions under the guise of “combating misinformation,” despite the fact that Jankowicz promoted her own sorts of misinformation. It is unlikely that Americans have seen the last of the Biden White House’s “Ministry of Truth.” The board, after all, has merely been put on pause. Jankowicz’s replacements, charged with making the board’s agenda more palatable to Americans, seem to have their own checkered pasts. Now, officers and boards, dedicated to the vague goal of “combating misinformation,” are assembling at the state level.