ON VIDEO: Drag Queen Bouncing Gargantuan Fake Boobs Around Pauses To Grab Dollar Bill From Young Child

Screenshot / Libs of TikTok / Twitter

Joe Roberts Contributor
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A viral video shows a drag queen wearing giant fake breasts pause to take a dollar bill from a young child in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Libs of TikTok reposted the 19-second video Thursday showing a man in drag dancing around Hamburger Harry’s restaurant with large fake breasts.  At the 4-second mark, the drag queen pauses to temporarily cover the fake breasts, and receive a dollar bill from a young girl seated on a woman’s lap who is also shown laughing during the exchange. The video shows the drag queen continuing to receive dollar bills from a few other nearby patrons as others look on.

Conservative commentators soon weighed in on the viral video.

This past month has seen an increasing number of incidents involving young children exposed to similar drag queen events.

On June 10, a California middle school subjected children to a drag queen show for its Pride month celebrations. The performer for that event took to social media afterward to brag he “had them kids loosing it.”

Around the same time, a Pennsylvania school district signed off on a drag performance at a local high school despite claiming to be “appalled” by the event.

On June 4, a Dallas nightclub hosted an event called “Drag The Kids To Pride.” Images from the event show young children sitting before a drag queen with a sign in the background that reads, “it’s not gonna lick itself!” (RELATED: ‘Drag Builds Confidence’: Listen To Drag Queens Defend Their Decision To Perform For Children).

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel declared her desire for “a drag queen for every school” during Michigan’s Civil Rights Summit on Wednesday. “Drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun,” she said, according to The Detroit News.