Joy Behar Claims Former Trump Supporters Are Like ‘Recovering Addicts,’ Praises Liz Cheney

[Screenshot ABC The View]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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“The View” co-host Joy Behar claimed Friday that former Trump supporters are like “recovering addicts” while also praising Republican Wyoming Sen. Liz Cheney as being heroic.

The panel was discussing the Jan. 6 riot and said former Vice President Mike Pence should be “commended for his actions that day.”

“When you look at the pressure campaign that Donald Trump engaged in, and his minions for so long against Pence, listen. He was putting his political career and it turns out his life, at risk,” Ana Navarro said. “We didn’t know it at the time. He probably didn’t know it at the time, and I don’t know what we would have done if he had succumbed.”

“That does not erase four years of complicity,” she continued. (RELATED: ‘The View’ Laments Capitol Police For Debunking J6 Committee Allegations About Rep. Loudermilk)

“Exactly. These people who are now all, like, recovering addicts — recovering addicts in the Trump world that come on, even on this show, they come on this show, and they’re suddenly turning on Trump. Where were you all that time when he was talking about grabbing women by their nether regions? When he made fun of war hero, John McCain? When he criticized soldiers as being cowards?” Behar asked.

Sunny Hostin said Pence doesn’t deserve “hero status” for doing his job but that the “bar is pretty low.”

That’s when Behar said “the only hero really is Liz Cheney.”

“I don’t agree with her politics, but to me she is a hero in the sense that she does not care about her job more than she cares about the country,” Behar said.

“She is not going to get reelected because of the position she has put herself in, but because of her, we are hearing the truth in an unbiased way. She is a Republican after all.”

“That’s a hero to me.”