‘Don, You’re Wrong!’ CNN Analyst Gets Into It With Don Lemon Over Trump

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN analyst Phil Mudd duked it out Thursday night with Don Lemon over whether or not former President Donald Trump should be tried for conspiracy charges in relation to Jan. 6.

Trump’s former attorney, John Eastman, allegedly told White House lawyer Eric Herschmann he didn’t care if challenging the election results could lead to violence.

Lemon asked Mudd whether he thought Trump knew the election wasn’t stolen but still chose to allegedly “accept violence.”

“Is it clear to you that Trump was also willing to accept violence to stay in power?” Lemon asked. (RELATED: Republicans Bust Out Laughing As Dem Rep Says J6 Committee Doesn’t Engage In Partisan Politics)

“Heck no,” Mudd responded. “There’s two questions here. There’s a question of whether I think the president did the right thing. No. There’s a question of what I think the Department of Justice will do.”

Mudd said it would be a bad idea for the Justice Department to go after Trump with conspiracy charges, which he noted is difficult to prove.

“If you don’t win that case at the back end … you’re perceived to be someone who is pursuing Donald Trump because you have partisan political interest,” Mudd said, to which Lemon said that Jan. 6 committee witnesses testified Trump’s inner circle told the president he lost the election.

“The president’s going to say ‘my advisers told me I won. I thought I won, that wasn’t a conspiracy,'” Mudd said.

That’s when the two began bickering.

“None of his advisers told him he won,” Lemon said.

“Don, you’ve got to go not to the court of public opinion, but to the court of law.”

“Every single person who testified, his advisers … told him he lost,” Lemon said.

“You’re wrong. Don, you’re wrong! You’re wrong!”

“The only person who told him he won was Rudy Giuliani and the crazy voting box people,” Lemon shot back.

“Don’t you think the defense can find witnesses who said the president thought that he won? Come on, Don. The defense will find people who said the president believed he was right. How can this be a conspiracy if the president said he was trying to defend democracy?”

Lemon again said none of Trump’s advisers told the president he won.

“I don’t buy it. I am going to tell you, defense attorneys will find people who say the president thought he won,” Mudd said. “Let’s go, Don, come on.”

The two continued bickering for several minutes, with Lemon saying Mudd is “not making any sense.”