REPORT: Off-Duty Police Officer Gets Carjacked, Shoots At Suspect 7 Times And Later Finds SUV On Fire

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Public-User: 6abc Philadelphia

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An off-duty police officer was allegedly carjacked early Friday morning in Philadelphia.

The officer, whose identity was not revealed, was parking his Toyota Highlander on 56th and Pentridge Streets when he was allegedly approached by the male suspect, 6 ABC reported. The suspect, who was allegedly armed at the time of the incident, reached inside the officer’s pocket and took his keys before fleeing with the vehicle.

Authorities who responded to the incident said that the officer allegedly fired his off-duty weapon seven times at the suspect, according to FOX 29 News. While the outlet reported that the shots hit the driver’s side of the vehicle, it was not clear if the suspect had been hit, 6 ABC indicated.


The suspect continued to flee down 56th Street, crashing the vehicle into parked cars along the way, according to FOX 29 News. The officer’s car was recovered burning on the 5900 block of West Delancey Street, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Philadelphia Police Department Posts Guide To Surviving Carjackings, Spells Out ‘Scenarios’ And ‘Safety Tips’)

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small emphasized that authorities were unaware if the alleged suspect had been shot during an interview with NBC 10.

“During this robbery, point of gun, there was gunfire from the off-duty officer, however we’re not sure if the individual was shot,” he explained to the outlet.

Authorities also did not believe that the alleged suspect fired his weapon during the incident, 6 ABC reported. Following the shooting, a man with a gunshot wound in the hand was transported to a local hospital for treatment. However, it is unclear if he was involved in the incident, and police are currently investigating a possible connection.

Internal Affairs is also investigating the incident since it involved an officer, NBC 10 Philadelphia indicated.