‘I Saw That Coming’: Daily Caller Reporter Slams Biden Admin For Acting Like Inflation Came Out Of Nowhere

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe criticized the Biden administration’s deflection of responsibility Sunday while speaking on Newsmax about the economy.

Smythe lambasted the administration for trying to blame rising inflation on Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that the administration should take responsibility for injecting stimulus into the economy and printing more money.

Smythe said there has been “overall mismanagement” of the nation’s resources which might contribute to “rationing” of electricity and common commodities. (RELATED: Janet Yellen Admits Things Are About To Get Worse)

Guest Ellis Henican appeared to blame capitalism for the woes of the economy and said had there been forewarning then perhaps the government could’ve handled things differently.

“We did see this coming,” Smythe shot back. “I don’t understand how a 28-year-old immigrant could have seen this coming as soon as those first stimulus checks were issued, as soon as they shut down the country, you know, those two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Smythe said the administration should have tried to mitigate the issues plaguing the nation a year ago by putting forward “policies that would have allowed for the supplies to ease.”

“I think we could have been in a much better position today, but instead, basically, what we’re being told if you read between the lines of everything that Biden, Jerome Powell … Ben Bernanke, basically telling us ‘you guys need to stop consuming so much and that’s your fault’ and I really don’t think it’s our fault.”

“There is a huge degree of responsibility that was completely ignored under this administration that could have been addressed pretty much the second [Biden] got into office.”