Migrants From India, South America Swarm Southern Border As 1 Agent Left To Process Influx

[Twitter Screenshot Jorge Ventura]

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Large groups of migrants, including some from Asia, swarmed the southern border in Yuma waiting to be apprehended by agents amid a surge at the border, exclusive video footage obtained by the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura shows.

Large groups of migrants including women, children and even “single males from India” were seen lined up against the border wall in Yuma, Arizona at 2:45 a.m..

Others migrants said they were from Cuba, Columbia, Peru and Venezuela.

Ventura reported that despite hundreds of migrants at the border, there was only “1 border patrol agent” available to begin processing.

Ventura said some of the migrants have been smuggled by human smugglers. (RELATED: Scarborough Sums Up Why Dems Should Panic Over The Border Disaster With Just Five Words)

Ventura reported Sunday that migrants who arrived in Yuma “fly into the Mexicali airport and take a charter bus or taxi straight to a crossing point.”

The number of migrants encountered at the southern border in May shattered records, with agents encountering 239,416 migrants, according to authorities. Roughly one quarter of those encountered had previously been encountered by authorities and 69% were single adults, according to CBP. There was a 21% increase in unaccompanied children from May.