This ‘Queen Of Sexting’ Teaches People How To Make Millions On OnlyFans


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Amber Sweetheart has allegedly dominated the OnlyFans scene by generating $2 million, and now the self-proclaimed “Queen of Sexting” is teaching others how to monetize on this platform.

The model claimed to have discovered the secret to making piles of money for sending sexy texts to her subscribers, and is sharing this wealth of information with others to help them along their way, according to The New York Post. The 35-year-old has mastered the art of sending adult texts by investing time each day to perfect her craft.

“In the beginning, I was doing it for 16 hours a day,” Sweetheart revealed to South West News Service, according to the New York Post.

“When I started my OnlyFans, it was during the pandemic, and I didn’t have anyone to do content with,” Sweetheart said, according to the outlet.

“That’s how I developed the sexting skills because I needed to do something to stand out,” she said. Some of her best advice for fans is to start by engaging in every day situations, such as asking about the other person’s day, reported the outlet. She also steers men away from starting off by sending a dick pic, indicating that can come later, but shouldn’t be the starting point.

Her sessions are typically between 30-40 minutes long, and Sweetheart manages to pull in anywhere from $200-$1000 for each session. The majority of her clients are men between the age of 30-45 years old, but said she has also engaged in sexting with women, according to the New York Post. (RELATED: ‘I Do Not Condone This’: Charlie Sheen’s Daughter Is On OnlyFans, And He’s Not Impressed)

Of course, the lucrative earnings are the biggest draw for Sweetheart, but she also pointed out that there are other perks she greatly enjoys. “I’ve actually created some amazing and real connections with people through the sexting,” Sweetheart said, according to the outlet.

She averages 5-8 hours a day of sexting and has 10 regular men whom she classifies as her “boyfriends,” in spite of never having met them in person. Sweetheart engages in multi-lingual sexting as well, and has created an advertising structure that is now available for others to take advantage of, according to the New York Post.