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ANALYSIS: The Left’s Gender Wars Aren’t Sitting Well With A Key Slice Of Its Own Base

MOLLY RILEY/AFP via Getty Images

Sarah Weaver Staff Writer
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The Left is fighting the gender wars with abandon, promoting and defending more and more radical views on sex and gender identity by the day. But the tactic may prove to be unpopular with a key slice of the Democrat voting base. The Democratic Party may lose minority voters in seeking to placate radical activists on the Left. Data shows that when it comes to some social issues, minority Democrat voters are more conservative than are white Democrat voters.

It’s not only with minority voters that activist Democrats find themselves out of step with average Americans. A recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland found that a majority of Americans oppose biological males competing in women’s sports at the college and high school levels. The poll found that 55% of Americans opposed biological males competing in female sports at the high school level, and 58% opposed the same at the college level. The poll found that 68% of Americans believed biological males who transition to female would have a competitive advantage over biological females. This, despite a recent poll by the University of California Los Angeles Williams Institute finding that America has a record number of transgender youth.